Random cat.

It’s my birthday…
May 24, 2008, 10:29 am
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It’s my birthday, so i’m allowing myself to post some random photos without any justification.

OHHH!!! And for Portuguese people (and/or italian people who understand portuguese, a link to my tumblr, written in portuguese: www.miauzz.tumblr.com)

Burn baby, burn!

Hello there Miss Laura!

Cig, glass, art.

mirror, moviment, art.


Hey miauzz, nice effect, do you mind to NOT repeat it again?

Now THAT’S what i call SandArt!

And lets finish with some SisteArt!

Ciao ciao, Happy birthday to me, Tanti auguri a me, Parabens a mim, e tal e cenas.

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Tem um dia muito feliz!!!
Beijinho grande!

Comment by pin girl

you can posts photos without justification not only on your birthday,you know:) it’s your blog after all,duuuh 😛
happy birthday mister! celebrate it well,with many friends,pastas and booze!

Comment by kira

tanti auguri!

Comment by stelios

Recebeste a minha msg de parabens? ^^

Comment by Daniela

AHHHH, não me esqueci…nao nao!!! pensei em ti…acredita!!! so não tenho net em casa e so agora posso escrever……muiiiiiiiiiiiiiitos parabénssssssss atrasados…. uma ano cheio de ……(qualquer coisa de que gostas muito) e um beijo tão grande que fiques com uma nódoa preta enorme…(na bochecha…!!) eheheheh espero que estejas bem ai….tão longe…não chateies os italianos…ta bem? até em breve (espero eu)…whenever… caro

Comment by caro

Happy birthday my dear! Party hard .. if that’s possible on a Monday 😉

Comment by Sebastian

belated happy birthday. 😉

Comment by Bernhard

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Critique.

Comment by Critique

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