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Biologic Francesca…
April 29, 2008, 1:04 am
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All photos in APX 100 or TX, scan from print.

I’ve started to print again after a long time… im still tunning my performance, so please dont be hard on me. (expect you, you can be hard on me any time you want dear ❤ ) (advices are always welcome!) (oh, and about the strange frames on some of the photos… just forget it, i was just testing different setups in the enlarger)

(click on the image to enlargeeeeeeeee)

Me and Francesca, catching some sun after lunch.

Back in 2007, in Porto, Francesca studying at Biblioteca Almeida Garret.

At Mondelo, having lunch on the beach, 2 months ago. Love her “hat”…

Back to Porto again, and to 2007. Jardim de Serralves. Its a shame that i miss the focus in this one…

In Porto aslo, but in Jardins do Palacio de Cristal, doing something we do it very very well: catching sun.

Location: Palermo. Date: Unknown. Dont ask me what happen to the photo, that white bottom line…

“E c’è una parte della vita mia
Che assomiglia a te
Quella che supera la logica
Quella che aspetta un’onda anomala”…

Isola di Ortigia, Siracusa, Sicilia. Thanks Marco, for giving us your room 🙂

E c’è una parte della mia città
Che assomiglia a te
Quella dei bar con fuori i tavolini
E del silenzio di certi giardini.

Etna Volcano, Sicilia. Yes, i dont have a 2000€ rangefinder, but that doesnt mean i cant have eye contact when i make photos.

On our balcony. Although i dont like (me in) this photo, she asked me to post it 😛

“E c’è una parte della luna
Che assomiglia a te
Quella dove si specchia il sole
Che ispira musica e parole”

(i think you will kill me after you see the title…)


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sicilia and porto?
man, you live in great places

Comment by stelios

Gosto muito das duas fotografias da francesca deitada na cama =)

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3205/2450630660_4bcdb73ba7_o.jpg – e sim eh uma pena que sejas um nabo! mas gosto da fotografia na mesma.

E na ultima tao os dois mesmo qeridos vai-te lah lixar… narcisista 😛 :*

Comment by Daniela

“Although i dont like (me in) this photo”…. perqué??? tui éré un párólli!!! un párólli!!

de facto Palermo e Porto.. ❤

Comment by xupacabras

Estão fantásticas, mas eu sou suspeita….as do Porto deixaram-me nostálgica, tanta saudade, tantas recordações, e a Francesca sempre LINDA!!!! Adorei a última onde estão os dois!
Um beijo enorme para os dois, adoro-vos!

Comment by Moi même

Ah, só mais uma coisa! Não suporto ler-te em inglês……
+ beijos

Comment by Moi même

I like the last frames the most – very very lovely! The others seem to be a bit too… dark? Not so nice tonal range.

Comment by Suzan

i like such emotive photos. this one is my favorite: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2390/2450631050_a4a36bb1dd_o.jpg

Comment by Sebastian

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