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To do list
April 23, 2008, 12:06 pm
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Sending the prize to Kira – DONE

Working a fucking lot in this past week and not being able to spend some quality time on the internet – DONE

Losing all the photos of 2 different assignments – DONE

Making the “How to cook the prize winner pasta” and post it on the net – NOT DONE

Sleeping a lot – NOT DONE

Developing – NOT DONE

Printing – DONE

Eating an amazing pasta done by Franci with an amazing cheese we found almost for free – DONE

Making a self in a mirror that i found in the garbage the other day (and took it home) – DONE

(click to enlargggggggeeee)

Booking a plane to spend 2 nights in Paris with Franci – DONE

Booking a hostel in Paris – NOT DONE.

Making a kickass sangria and making a barbecue dinner with some friends at my place – DONE.

Starting english private lessons – ALMOST DONE (in 2 weeks).

Checking out that Tome is doing kick ass photos lately, Sebastian is cute, Suzan and Kira are way from internet too, the Artist is getting drunk every single week, and the old guy had a great idea with the hall of fame thing: DONE

Eating pasta fresca with pesto al pistacchio: Will do in half hour.

See you guys soon.

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You’ve DONE a lot. Pasta should be done pretty much .. now. So where’s my portion, I’m starving! Eating? Shower? NOT DONE.

Comment by Sebastian

Oh noes, pasta is done since an hour .. I can’t eat it cold. Pasta .. <3. Post them recipes, who cares about photos if there’s food to be cooked?

Comment by Sebastian

man, estás mais másculo, esses ares de itália têm-te feito bem! :O

pa quem andava ainda há pouco pelas festas erasmus do porto a dizer “gosto de cazzo”… ou é desses ares ou é do que vcs comem… tenho de lhe começar a dar na pasta. se a pasta não resultar mudo-me pa itália!

Comment by xupacabras

at least you’re eating well.
and I don’t think you were going for a self on that mirror… 😉

Comment by stelios

Oh vais a Paris… que romantico 😛
Podias aproveitar e vir ca dizer ola e tal… tas com barba e tudo e continuas um trinca espinhas com ar querido, mas es BUES de mau.

Inda tens as pulseiras de paredes 🙂

Vi a fotografia e tive saudades tuas toto. bjinho*

Comment by Daniela

I’m less away from the internet than before! Just uploaded 2 things on dA in the past days 😛

Comment by Suzan

P.s. I got a to do list too… Sending the new print to Ze is still not done! :$

Comment by Suzan

You really know how to make an old guy feel even older. Hah!

My list:
1. find a new job
2. find a new job
3. learn to work with my new camera
4. find a new job

And please don’t show any more pasta pics. I cry everytime I see your pasta. Life is unfair.

Comment by melvinkobe

hahhaha… THE ARTIST… hahaha, jerk. let’s have some port-wine like in the good ol days, shall we?

Comment by Bernhard

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