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April 2, 2008, 3:01 am
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And the winner of the food contest is:

Miss Kira K from Israel! (which, btw, is sexy as hell, dont you agree?!)

Actually she was the one who gave me the idea to do this contest, so im kinda happy that she won!

About the secret recipe… insted of send her the recipe, THIS FRIDAY i’ll do an entry here with a link to my vimeo acount, where i’ll post a video of me doing it… so than everybody can do it also! 😀

my first idea was to give some extra awards…

First to Sebastian and Bernhard… to Seb because i had the chance to meet him in Wien, and he payed me some beers, and also because, although he doesnt know it (yet?) he is portuguese… And second, to Bernh… because, and im not kidding, the first thing that he told me when we first meet was, screaming: “ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED?! NO, REALLY, ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID?”, just because i did not knew here has the fucking door (meeting point) we were suppose to meet … (but in the end, he was really really cool with me and, together with Seb, responsible for a huge hangover)

To Suzan, because she was really really cool with me, giving me a place to sleep and showing me the city, and also introducing me to the traditional nederlandse fast food (ahahahha, what a laugh…)

To Melvin and Jorid, because they are a nice couple and because they were both really cool to travel down to maastricht to have dinner with me and Suzan…

And finally to the only person who try her luck in this contest via SMS… Laura – Bola de Berlim! Because… just because.

BUT, since i had to buy a new HD to my mac, and its my sister’s birthday now, and she asked me an iPod… im kinda broke… :X So, Kira’s award will be sent this week or next Monday, but the others will have to wait a little while…

So, thats it!!! 😀 And wait to see the video, next friday 😉

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Awwwwww ❤ ❤ ❤ Zé come over here, let’s have another hangover (f). wee!

Comment by Sebastian

mauhaha vou receber um ipod 😀

e tu vais ficar a pao e agua ate’ ao fim do mes 😡

obrigadaaaa animal nao domesticado 😀

Comment by ritinha pequeninha queridinha melhor irma x)

ur gut.
wo sind fotos?

Comment by Linus


Seriously man, she’s sexy. Glad she won. Now let’s see you do your thing on video. It’s already past Friday and I’m too lazy to look it up. 😀

Comment by melvinkobe

entao e peixinho?? n se come peixinho em itália?? é só pasta pasta pasta…

Comment by xupacabras

Detesto ler-te em inglês….não me parece estar a ler o meu filho querido mas qualquer outro alguém…Anyway….I miss you….

Comment by Mãe galinha

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