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contest soon!!!!
February 20, 2008, 4:31 pm
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First of all… In 2 or 3 days i will launch a contest here… is not a classic photographic contest, but i hope you guys will like it… everybody can try to win the amazing prize, coz it is not one of those “best photo” kind of contest! in fact, you dont need a camera to win it 😀

Ps – I will only promote the contest if the posting of these photos won’t get me killed by my housemate David and my girl:

Jolly good time!

Talking about my penis maybe.

Or maybe she is just under the effect of some illegal substances.

Dramatic moment.


So… see you guys in 2 or 3 days 😉

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ahahaha, looks hot the haircut. good luck hiding from your mates. ^^;

curious already what that contest will be about :O

Comment by Sebastian

Humm.. eu ia escrever umas coisas, mas depois pronto vah^^

Anyway qero ver o que tas prai a inventar =)*

Comment by Daniela

You’re up to something…yes, you are!!!

Ou, como diria a minha avó, ‘tás p’ra fazê-las, tás..!’ (acompanhar a frase de sobrolho carregado mas com um ar ‘amused’…!)

Vê se desembuchas depressa, que sou curiosa…!
E tu sabes o que se diz da curiosidade e dos gatos…hummm, não era isto?!?! 😀

Gosto das fotos, como sempre…Beijinhos!

Comment by pin girl

Hahaha, I like the dramatic moment.

Comment by Suzan

you guys better stick to pizza and pasta. i’m hungry. i hate your contest.

Comment by Bernhard

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