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January 31, 2008, 11:24 pm
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After a conversation with Mr.Tome last night, when we where talking about streetphotography (conversation that had continued today at lunch), and after spending some hours at www.in-public.com last night (thanks again Tome for the tip) i decided to go out today to try to do some streetphotography. As you know i always do photos of friends, portraits and stuff… so i decided to give streephotography a shot… (pun intended).

Of course i dont have a leica, and its not always easy to be unnoticed with the big dSLR, but i did my best…

(oh, and i really dont understand flickr colorprofile…)

City is in danger? Call Batman.

Bla bla bla.

Im listing “Dont lose yourself” by Laura Veirs at the moment. And you?

For tome, since he is the reason of me making this post <3: ANDARE, ANDARE!

Huge lens, small… you decide.

ohhhnooozzzzz, izzzz a selfzzzz.

I guess the dog and the old men like different things. Thats why they get along so well.


This is streetphotography because i took it while i was on the street.

Im still listening to Laura Veirs. And you?


Nice position.

bla bla bla…

And thats it…

So, and i usually dont ask this, i would like you, dear reader, to leave a comment to let me know your opinon of my first attempt to streetphotography, or to leave a donation in my bank account since i broke.


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só a primeira já vale o teu dia fotográfico e o post. acho q podias ter sido mais selectivo, há algumas em que se nota que tinhas o slideshow inpublic na cabeça mas não sabias bem do que é que andavas à procura.

à parte esta questão da selecção mais apertada (eu escolheria 3,6,9,10 e última), acho que te fez bem beber dos mestres…

Comment by xupacabras

Hmm, I’m not too impressed. I mean, they could be nice frames, but I don’t think they fit under the label streetphotography. I’m not too fond of categorizing, but since you called it that yourself… well there you go.
For me street is more about capturing interesting people and juxtapositions. Most of these are plain stillifes.
Don’t whine, you asked for it yourself 😉

Comment by Suzan

@ Tome: Thanks 😀 quanto a seleção… tens razao, mas tava “excitado” e pronto… foram fotos todas feitas no mesmo dia, por isso nem sequer tinha muita oferta por onde escolher… Tambem por um lado queria ver uma reaçao dos meus leitores (que segundo os graficos, em dias de post, rondam os 80/100) e ver se reagem bem… ate agora esta 1-1 (tu postivo, suzan negativa)… 🙂 Beijo e queijo!

@ suzan: first we gotta know what do you know for streetphotography / what is streetphotography for you. For me, it’s exactly this: http://www.in-public.com/information/what_is .

Then… define “interesting people”… what does she got (http://fc04.deviantart.com/fs23/f/2007/318/f/b/fbe49dba6f951bf4.jpg) of interesting that he doesnt (http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2061/2233628680_ca53fe0f6b_o.jpg)?
Of course is not a fiber printed photo, of course is not a black and white photo, and most of all, it doesnt have the same “quality” (technicalwise)… so what?
Maybe these would be a lot better if the where shot in TX @ 1600, dev time 18min at 20ºC in Xtol, and bla bla bla… In fact, the last one is not even well focused! And… will you say that they are not amazing examples of streetphotography?? Thats streetphotography for me. (HEY! im not even saying im in the same level as Matt Stuart, im just trying to find a exemple in the masters)…
For example…
This is a streetphoto.
This is an amazing photography, very very very well executed. But… is just a baby sleeping.
(HEY (2)!! I love Berhn photography, and, since i ‘ve meet him, i’ve got a crush on him. (ahaha). He is one of the best young (18-30) photographers i know, and, believe me, is a great inspiration for me. But that doesnt mean that every shot he does on the street is streetphotography. )

Whats the problem of stillifes?
Are these also “just” stillifes?
So, take this, for exemple:

its just a stillife? Look harder and closer, and you will see that is just not some green wire, but it as a “hidden” message”. (well, at least i see it, and so did tome). (a hint: http://www.notapositiva.com/trab_estudantes/trab_estudantes/portugues/portugues_trabalhos/fernpessoa1.jpg)

🙂 Suzan, im not whining, i ask for an opinion, not a positive one or a negative one, a opinion, and you gave yours, and im grateful of that! I just would like you to explain it better 😛 (please, please please, dont be mad at me, send me the print, please, please? 😉 )
(and sorry for my english today, that is worse than the usual (and usually is terrible) but i’ve gotta fly 😉

Comment by miauzz

adoro il bambino grasso vestito da batman che fuma
quasi quasi lo vorrei com fratello

Comment by B

Gosto muito da 4ª, da 7ª e da 14ª (a minha preferida). O resto, não deixando de ser streetphotography, não “puxam” tanto a minha atenção. ^^ Ms no geral gostei do q vi

Agora nós, mas o qé isto: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2301/2233627392_d54ce0571a_o.jpg cabelo cortado e barba feita?? assim não nos entendemos zé, assim não funcionamos. 😛 (tou a brincar e tenho saudades tuas)

Comment by Daniela

First of all, I find it very interesting that you immediatly assumed that my definition of streetphotography would include film and Bernhard as the Messiah of this all. That’s not really how I see things. Also a streetphoto is not necessarily better when shot on tri-x than digitally, because it’s more about the interesting moment then about such matters.
And I very much agree on the “definition” that is given about streetphotography in the article you linked. The writer of it claims that streetphotography is interesting because it captures everyday scenes, but somehwat twisted everyday scenes, moments you wouldn’t even register if it wasn’t photographed. After all “truth is stranger than fiction” ❤
I very much agree with that. And also what I meant with interesting people and juxtapositions. I think the first two photos in the article are exactly that.
So I don’t think our definition differs much. It’s just that I didn’t see this back in your photos. I think the Batman shot is pretty cool, but the composition (space above the person) kinda dimishes the impact the photo could have had. Also I like the frame of the man and the dog and the idea with it. But again: the photo doesn’t have impact enough, I think. Mainly because of her distracting pink bag. Perhaps also because I think it’s a bit too distant.
The fence photo… excuse me, but I totally didn’t see the profile in it without the other image you linked. Might be me, might be a Portuguese thing.
So I’m not saying there is a problem with stillifes, as long as they grab something interesting. And I don’t think your photos really did that for me. They’re just stillifes.
So what I’m trying to say is that I think you have a good grasp of the idea of streetphotography but you have to take it a bit further in your execution of it.

And about the photos of Bernhard… the lady you linked… if you look closely you can see that he focused on the man behind the lady. For me it looks like he could be her husband, and she doesn’t really look like a nice person, that’s why his expression is like that. Of course this is not the real story, but that’s what it evokes in me. It grabs my attention to a level that it makes me think up stories about what could be going on there.
About the sleeping kid… It’s not one of my favourite frames of B. but it sure isn’t “just a baby sleeping”. It’s an representation of childhood and motherhood. About a small protected environment in a big public space. The photo carries more within it than ‘just a baby sleeping’, that’s why I think it does belong in the street category.

This doesn’t mean that I think B’s work is the only kind of streetphotograpy, most definitely not. I’m aware that there are a lot of different ways to capture the essence of life on the street. Just like you showed me! With all those links. The point is that you didn’t take the photos you linked, and that the photos you took don’t have such an impact on me like the ones you linked.
So I’m just trying to say you have to push yourself a bit more and train your eye more for interesting stuff on the street. But that sounds so terribly arrogant when I say that, especially since I hardly shoot street myself (although the difference is that it’s not necessarily what I want to do, and something you actually set out to do).

This turned out in an awful long essay and if my internet crashes I’m fucked. I just hope I explained it well enough for you and don’t take it the wrong way. The print you will receive anyway 😉

Comment by Suzan

@Suzan: Well, now we have reached to a point that i agree with you. I agree with almost everything that you wrote, and im happy that my comment made you write this “awful long essay”, because it made the things clear to me 😛 😉
And, (again) about B, i was not trying to say that for you he was the “Messiah of this all”, as i also really really dig his work (specially since i had the opportunity to saw the prints when i visit him), but trying to understand your vision about what it is streetphotography, if for you, it was *only* the kind of B photography or not, and, since B is a person we both know and admire i thought it was a good example! 🙂

Comment by miauzz

Obrigado por me relembrares do fantástico site que é o in-public! Passei bastante tempo a rever aquelas pérolas da fotografia (e a rir-me perdidamente em algumas, causando reacções de espanto aos vizinhos).

Comment by Alexey G.

Já que pediste, aqui vai:
Gosto bastante do que vejo…!!!

P.S.: Comentário pooooooobre, bem sei…;)
Mas é o que se me oferece sentir…e dizer acerca da tua ‘streetphotography experience’!
Acho que é de investir nisso..a streetphotography é das coisas que mais me interessa na fotografia..:) pela experiência, claro, e pelo momento e a captação do instante…

Comment by pin girl

Olá Zé! Desculpa não ter dito nada até agora (eu sei, sou uma pessoa terrível). Espero sinceramente que estejas bem. Supostamente sei que devia dar uma desculpa por ter andado desaparecida tanto tempo (e por não te ter perguntado como estavas), mas não tenho, é loucura e estupidez minha mesmo… Tenho andado a ver o teu blog, pelo menos pareces estar bem. 🙂

Já agora… O que andas a pôr na água na Itália? A tua fotografia evoluiu muito desde que foste para aí. Estou mesmo impressionada (e isto muito sinceramente). A primeira e a sétima estão mesmo excelentes.

Pronto, mais uma vez desculpa. Beijinhos.

Comment by Sofia

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