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Let’s get nostalgic…
January 30, 2008, 10:48 am
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As some of you know, is spring here… Or at least from 9am to 5pm… Spring days, Fall nights.

Spring means spending the day at the beach.

David (one of my flat mates) and Tony.

The camera of this little phone is… amazing, to say the least.

in fact i did this photo with that… and this is the jpg file as it came from the camera, with no post processing at all.

B latter join us…

And so did Enrico.


Cous Cous… amazing movie by Abdellatif Kechiche.

Smoking… such a bad habit…

Eating… such a GOOD habit!

Bike or horse? you decide!

Hummm… do you feel it? do smell art in these ones?


Im sure she’s explaining it right.

B. What a sexy nails polish you have there B!


And thats all for today folks… 🙂



There is a P.S.!

Tenho saudades tuas oh Bola de Berlim!!! 😛 (ok, ok, e tuas tambem oh Caro dos olhos feios!)


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ai temos fotojornalista temos! gosto da 2ª e daquelas duas “smell art”. “i’m sure she’s explaining it right”, haha.

temos de ver aí um ensaio siciliano da tua iniciativa, isto n é só esperar pelos jornais… cuméké??

Comment by xupacabras

Hahaha, the photo of Tony with the sunglasses is pretty badass! I’m jealous that you guys have such Spring days, even if they’re 9-2-5.
Hmm, I’m sorry to say but I’m not that fond of the way you postprocess your colourshots, the skintones look so… greyish.

Comment by Suzan

“Bike or horse? you decide!” – oh meu deus nunca vi tantas bicicletas como em florença… e cavalos tmb (so vi dois =P).

Tens de vir cá nas férias da pascoa, xximm? ^^ =P

Comment by Daniela

Think she got the sign language right. The hot guy with the nailpolish is just my type, pack him in a box and send him over to Austria!

Comment by Sebastian

haha, the last frame. class a retarded. ❤

Comment by Bernhard

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