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January 23, 2008, 1:38 pm
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What have you been doing lately?

Besides of having my photos published in italian’s most important newspaper website “La Republica” (because of my internship at one of the most important sicilian’s “photonews” agency ), having my bike stolen during an assigment and shooting again at Massimo (the largest theatre in Italy (and the third largest opera house in Europe), were the final scenes of the film Godfather Part III were filmed), i’ve been:

Taking nice long exposure photos from my window…


Going to Franci’s countryside, along with her family…


Hearing Franci STILL talking about her nosering…


Taking photos of Franci, Tony and David with funny expressions…

Barbecuing fish (since spring is almost here)…

Cleaning the house…


By the way… im shotting a lot film lately, although im thinking on quiting, since i dont have here to print it, and shotting film to scan it and do digital prints its just ridiculous… So lets wait and see if i find a solution to this, coz i know that, as soon i quit film, i will lose a lot of friends like Bernhard, Tome, Suzan and Sebastian… (and the “how could i forget her” Kira) but, oh well, i guess that’s the price i’ve got to pay….

(btw 2- good luck for today artist!)


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n sejas tão radical… podes ir fotografando digital e filme, lá por n poderes imprimir agora n quer dizer q n possas vir a fazer boas prints no futuro de negativos fotografados agora.

de resto, e que tal é viver num clima verdadeiramente mediterrânico (como o de évora, não como o do porto!)? 😉

Comment by xupacabras

makes me wanna go to kitchen and make some pasta..

loosing friends for droping film – sounds like beeing hand-in-hand with junkies!! but, I hope there’s more than that.

Comment by artis

hmm, it’s weird. not sure if it’s you intention but the saturation keeps shifting. so do the colors – maybe try calibrating your screen?

Comment by Bernhard

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