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January 16, 2008, 3:55 pm
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So this is the second part of the post about the people i’ve meet in my new city… Because in the last post there’s some people missing (and it still will be after this one, but whatever)…

B, Francesca and Franci, near the sea.

Chiara photographing Cristiano.

Cheking the nose-ring.


Cristiano, eating a typical (yet, disgusting) sandwich.

Checking the nose-ring, again!


So, i forgot his name. Im very bad with names. And other things too, as a matter of fact. His going to Porto next week or something… Erasmus, 6 months! Portuguese dinner day, Francesinha! (And, fuck it, it was really good! Auguri per Enrico, Franci and me!)




“I forgot his name too, but you can check it for me in the last post” messing in the computer.

Nice hat!


And that’s it for now… Enough “photos of people i know” posts for now… photos of the city and random people on next post(s).

Oh! Merry Xmas to all of you!


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A Francesca (Franci) faz-me lembrar eu qando fiz o piercing no lábio. Passava a vida ao espelho a ver se nao tava a infectar e bla bla bla’s ^^

Ah e tu nao me ligas nenhuma =P

Amanha vou pa florença.. yeahhh =)

Comment by Daniela

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