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January 12, 2008, 1:55 pm
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So, the other day i warned Mr Seb and Miss Kira that a new post with about 40 photos was imminent. After changing ideas about it, my (new) friends from this chaotic city kept asking me to do it…

So this post goes out to the people i’ve meet in this 2 months here in Palermo:

(per i miei nuovi lettori Italiani: cliccate sulle foto per estenderne le dimensioni e, se volete, lasciate un commento in fondo alla pagina!)

Nadia, David (one of my house-mates), Franci, Capodanno!


Franci and Anna. (Fiera di artigianato)

Guy i dont remember the name, B, and girl i dont know. (Capo d’Anno)



Nadia. (Capoanno)

The girl in purple is hot. (Capodanno).

Home-made pasta (best pasta i’ve ever ate).

Anna (trip to Trapani and Erice.)


Franci and Lollo (Erice)

Anna, eating. (Erice)

Franci, English garden.

David (Capodanno)

Philipe (remember him from Barcelona’s post?).

Playing cards, losing money.

Denys and Gabriella.

Franci and David, Capodanno. (yes, i really have to clean my camera)

Toti, yestarday night.

Franci, Erice.



Francesca and B, Capodanno.


Marco (Erice).

Franci. And, before you ask, yes, she loves hats.


Alessandro (altough everybody knows his as Paris Hilton :P).

Franci, checking her new nose-ring. (Points for doing a nose-ring at the “late” age of 24 (aka, after the stupid teenage period): 20/20)

Friends + macbook.

B and Francesca, yestarday night.


The is some people missing in this post, so this means that sooner or latter that will be another post like this one, with just portraits.


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Wonderful pics. You need a very good photographer to catch in a single photo how little I slept the days before that trip to Erice…

Comment by Marco

oh man,simply fun fun fun 🙂
i especially like the frame before the last one.

Comment by kira

oh Ze! Sono splendide!sono proprio felice di essere nella penultima che è venuta davvero bene…mmm…se stessimo guardando al futuro B sembra avere qualche dubbio!!ihihi

Comment by francesca

é bem, é bem.

Comment by xupacabras

a ultima foto: WOW.

=) tenho saudads tuas seu desaparecido.

Comment by Sunxai

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