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January 31, 2008, 11:24 pm
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After a conversation with Mr.Tome last night, when we where talking about streetphotography (conversation that had continued today at lunch), and after spending some hours at www.in-public.com last night (thanks again Tome for the tip) i decided to go out today to try to do some streetphotography. As you know i always do photos of friends, portraits and stuff… so i decided to give streephotography a shot… (pun intended).

Of course i dont have a leica, and its not always easy to be unnoticed with the big dSLR, but i did my best…

(oh, and i really dont understand flickr colorprofile…)

City is in danger? Call Batman.

Bla bla bla.

Im listing “Dont lose yourself” by Laura Veirs at the moment. And you?

For tome, since he is the reason of me making this post <3: ANDARE, ANDARE!

Huge lens, small… you decide.

ohhhnooozzzzz, izzzz a selfzzzz.

I guess the dog and the old men like different things. Thats why they get along so well.


This is streetphotography because i took it while i was on the street.

Im still listening to Laura Veirs. And you?


Nice position.

bla bla bla…

And thats it…

So, and i usually dont ask this, i would like you, dear reader, to leave a comment to let me know your opinon of my first attempt to streetphotography, or to leave a donation in my bank account since i broke.


Let’s get nostalgic…
January 30, 2008, 10:48 am
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As some of you know, is spring here… Or at least from 9am to 5pm… Spring days, Fall nights.

Spring means spending the day at the beach.

David (one of my flat mates) and Tony.

The camera of this little phone is… amazing, to say the least.

in fact i did this photo with that… and this is the jpg file as it came from the camera, with no post processing at all.

B latter join us…

And so did Enrico.


Cous Cous… amazing movie by Abdellatif Kechiche.

Smoking… such a bad habit…

Eating… such a GOOD habit!

Bike or horse? you decide!

Hummm… do you feel it? do smell art in these ones?


Im sure she’s explaining it right.

B. What a sexy nails polish you have there B!


And thats all for today folks… 🙂



There is a P.S.!

Tenho saudades tuas oh Bola de Berlim!!! 😛 (ok, ok, e tuas tambem oh Caro dos olhos feios!)

January 23, 2008, 1:38 pm
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What have you been doing lately?

Besides of having my photos published in italian’s most important newspaper website “La Republica” (because of my internship at one of the most important sicilian’s “photonews” agency ), having my bike stolen during an assigment and shooting again at Massimo (the largest theatre in Italy (and the third largest opera house in Europe), were the final scenes of the film Godfather Part III were filmed), i’ve been:

Taking nice long exposure photos from my window…


Going to Franci’s countryside, along with her family…


Hearing Franci STILL talking about her nosering…


Taking photos of Franci, Tony and David with funny expressions…

Barbecuing fish (since spring is almost here)…

Cleaning the house…


By the way… im shotting a lot film lately, although im thinking on quiting, since i dont have here to print it, and shotting film to scan it and do digital prints its just ridiculous… So lets wait and see if i find a solution to this, coz i know that, as soon i quit film, i will lose a lot of friends like Bernhard, Tome, Suzan and Sebastian… (and the “how could i forget her” Kira) but, oh well, i guess that’s the price i’ve got to pay….

(btw 2- good luck for today artist!)

January 16, 2008, 3:55 pm
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So this is the second part of the post about the people i’ve meet in my new city… Because in the last post there’s some people missing (and it still will be after this one, but whatever)…

B, Francesca and Franci, near the sea.

Chiara photographing Cristiano.

Cheking the nose-ring.


Cristiano, eating a typical (yet, disgusting) sandwich.

Checking the nose-ring, again!


So, i forgot his name. Im very bad with names. And other things too, as a matter of fact. His going to Porto next week or something… Erasmus, 6 months! Portuguese dinner day, Francesinha! (And, fuck it, it was really good! Auguri per Enrico, Franci and me!)




“I forgot his name too, but you can check it for me in the last post” messing in the computer.

Nice hat!


And that’s it for now… Enough “photos of people i know” posts for now… photos of the city and random people on next post(s).

Oh! Merry Xmas to all of you!

January 12, 2008, 1:55 pm
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So, the other day i warned Mr Seb and Miss Kira that a new post with about 40 photos was imminent. After changing ideas about it, my (new) friends from this chaotic city kept asking me to do it…

So this post goes out to the people i’ve meet in this 2 months here in Palermo:

(per i miei nuovi lettori Italiani: cliccate sulle foto per estenderne le dimensioni e, se volete, lasciate un commento in fondo alla pagina!)

Nadia, David (one of my house-mates), Franci, Capodanno!


Franci and Anna. (Fiera di artigianato)

Guy i dont remember the name, B, and girl i dont know. (Capo d’Anno)



Nadia. (Capoanno)

The girl in purple is hot. (Capodanno).

Home-made pasta (best pasta i’ve ever ate).

Anna (trip to Trapani and Erice.)


Franci and Lollo (Erice)

Anna, eating. (Erice)

Franci, English garden.

David (Capodanno)

Philipe (remember him from Barcelona’s post?).

Playing cards, losing money.

Denys and Gabriella.

Franci and David, Capodanno. (yes, i really have to clean my camera)

Toti, yestarday night.

Franci, Erice.



Francesca and B, Capodanno.


Marco (Erice).

Franci. And, before you ask, yes, she loves hats.


Alessandro (altough everybody knows his as Paris Hilton :P).

Franci, checking her new nose-ring. (Points for doing a nose-ring at the “late” age of 24 (aka, after the stupid teenage period): 20/20)

Friends + macbook.

B and Francesca, yestarday night.


The is some people missing in this post, so this means that sooner or latter that will be another post like this one, with just portraits.

Querido Tome:
January 8, 2008, 11:13 pm
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Querido Tome:

(my neighbourhood)

Yes, garbage.

You might need to click in this one to fully enjoy it.


Over and out, next post: more text, and, finally, some faces!

Palermo, Sicilia.
January 4, 2008, 11:10 pm
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This is the City.

More photos about (my life in) this city in the next post… Take care.