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Zze Trip Photos, Part 4 of maybe 5: The Airport Waiting
December 31, 2007, 1:56 am
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Ok… so i was supose to post some photos of Palermo, and how is my life in my new home…. but i would leave it for the next post… for now i leave you with the result of 15 hours of (pain in the ass)waiting for my connection flight in Girona’s airport.

Click here! (sound: ON!)

oh, and thanks, Bernhard, for the online space provided.

Have a merry new easter.

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Tava ali o livro, o do “Não lugares”! Lembro-me de falares nisso e q os aeroportos eram um exemplo disso.

btw gosto da cor das fotografia.

P.s: ganhamos o pictionary =) yupi! bjo, bom ano novo.

Comment by Daniela

hah, olhei varias vezes pa esta foto no google reader sem perceber q era link pa slideshow e n conseguia perceber que raio queria dizer “romper el cristal”. ^^;

“não lugares” hehe 😛

Comment by xupacabras

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