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Zze Trip Photos, Part 3 of maybe 5: BARCELONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 25, 2007, 6:16 pm
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Zze trip: BARCELONA!

Well… what can you say about a city like Barcelona? This time i only was there for a few hours (20 i guess),but it was the best way to end this mini mini trip around Europe. I had an amazing night thanks to Miguel (erasmus from last year in Porto) and Filipe!

So, with no further delay: Barcelona… the (european) city that never sleeps:

(note to the viewers: i really really like the photos from this night… lets find out if you guys think the same)

First stop: shopping. (actually it was 2nd, first was eating an good and tasty kebab).

Metro. (useful information as you can see)

Ramblear for hours and hours and hours.

2 tourists and a scared lady in the back… classic?

After a while we decided to go to a really cool bar to have a beer before dinner.

And what a(fucking overpaid) dinner!

So, what do you do after a dinner were you spend the same amount of money that you would spend in 5 dinners in your hometown?

well… that’s cool Miguel… but what about some phone calls to know here do we can hang out?

Much, much better!

Filipe decided to switch on the gangster mode.

After rambling for some hours we decided to go clubbing…

Look, thats me. The girl doesnt seems drunk at all, does she? Its a shame that i didn’t take any photo of the way her boyfriend was looking at me.

What do you do after clubbing? you go eat something. Or watch the others eating since you dont have any money left to spend in that city.


So, miguel asked for a photo toghether!


Bye-bye time…

Oh, i had a frame left, so i decided to go for a self portrait:

what am i saying.. this is digital, there is no such thing as “frame left”….

i was just trying to be cool, as the others…. :I

ahaha… ciao ciao, next stop: PALERMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (maybe tomorrow or in 3 days max)

(btw, going to catch a plane back to italy tomorrow.. wish me good flight).

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http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2098/2135682444_6a983ccd5a_o.jpg drool, gande barba =)

Comment by Daniela

Haha, yeah – cool photos! Looks like a crazy night.

Comment by Suzan

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