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Zze Trip Photos, Part 2 of maybe 5: HOLLAND!
December 22, 2007, 11:35 pm
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So… Holland!

(or… Suzan!)

So… i found Amsterdam boring.

Like, really boring.

LOOK, there’s Suzan! Suzan is NOT boring at all.

But Suzan was not in Amsterdam. And Amsterdam was boring.

And, by the way Suzan is staring at me, i’m boring too.

Emo boring?

Boring and stalker. Just the kind of guy you wanna be with when you are full of stuff too do. (this is my way to say: Thanks Suz, really!)

Suzan with the cellphone and cigarette. (yes, i like to add useful information to the photos.).



This mirror is famous 🙂 I could not resist making a self in it.

Marica(s) (ahhh, inside joke)… also famous 🙂 It was strange to meet her, since i was used to see her photos in Suz’s blog. (if you ever read this, thanks for the tea, and you are a lot more nicer than i was expecting!)

So, we (me and Suz) left Nijmegen to Maastricht, to meet the amazing (and very very old) Carlos (MelvinKobe) and his gorgeous partner in crime, Jorid.

We went to the WPP and then we had dinner at a pretty good restaurant.

Carlos aka MelvinKobe.

Jorid aka Partner in crime.

Bye bye!


Suz getting fat! ahahhahahhaha 😛 (sorry, i couldn’t resist making that joke.)

Last shot in Nijmegen.

And now, the last photo (and best photo)…

Ok Suz… one word: Hot.

(and another one: THANKS!)

And thats all for now….

Next stop: BARCELONA!!!

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Ha, Marieke was nicer than you expected? Hello! Ofcourse all my friends are superdupernice! 😉
Cool to see some photos from those days! I had a good time. It was especially cool that we went to Maastricht I think.
And don’t worry about ‘taking up my time’. I cleared those days for you, so it’s all good.
Seems like all you did in Amsterdam is look at the ground/walls! Haha.

Comment by Suzan

[…] browser window). And I’m most uncomfortable with seeing my crooked mug plastered all over your blog (yeah, that means you two, check Jorid’s latest entry). Seriously: thanks. It’s an […]

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