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Zze Trip Photos, Part 1 of maybe 5: WIEN
December 21, 2007, 6:25 pm
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(note: i dont know why, when you read the blog via the RSS feeds programs, the last lines of the blog are not displayed, neither the links in the names of the Wieniese artists…)


ok, Wien… 17 photos, 1 by Portuguese Sebastian (the best one in the post, how sad is that), 1 by the other Sebastian, and 15 by me 🙂

Lets roll it!

The Chef, by Sebastian.

Sebastian, looking like a homeless, according to my sister.

These two guys above here responsible for some “not digested food from a portuguese stomach” in the sidewalks of Wien in the morning after.

Seb and Sev. good focus, amazing exposure, and fantastic framing. Thats why im considered to be the next Capa.

“Thanks for his name Seb” Tobi.

WordPress just deleted half of my post. Sweet.

Poker at Morgenstern. Classic?

Double vision at Morgenstern. Classic?

In love with public transportations in Wien. Classic?


Sarah, by Sebastian 🙂

Teh hot hot hot Sebastian!

The not so hot hot hot Miauzz/Cougar/Miauzz/Me by the hot hot hot Sebastian.

Some serious buzzzinezzz:

“Ztupid touritzzz”

And, lets end with some ART:

Bernhard hanging Severin‘s piece of aRT. I could see he was touched and proud of sharing the darkroom with such an artist.

And thats all for now…

Next post-stop: Holland!

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Sebastian doesn’t look like a homeless,he looks like a puppy:)i actually think it’s a quite a lovely portrait of him.
“not digested food from a portuguese stomach” in the sidewalks of Wien in the morning after” awww.so charming ❤
what can i say,it seems you had a great vieneese experience,i envy you a bit haha.
post some more!
and by the way,what’s up with those red frames? aaaa

Comment by kira

no meu reader o post aparece completo… invojo-te, qq dia faço o mesmo percurso que tu. mas não deixo nada nos passeios de viena, mwahaha.

Comment by xupacabras

Oh I like the portrait of the long haired Sebastian a lot.
It’s nice to get back in time via photos, hm? Looking forward to what you’ll show from the Netherlands.

Comment by Suzan

you’ve really met a couple of hot super-interesting guys <3!

Comment by Sebastian

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