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I could…
December 6, 2007, 1:18 pm
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I could update the blog… Tell you about the trip, or about my new life… i could post the AMAZING video of Bernhard in the MAGIC darkroom… Which is almost as boring as his blog…

But you know… The weather is great today, the sun is shinning, and i have a free afternoon and an island to discover… not that im trying to make you jealous… in fact i find cold, rain and snow are pretty funny too!

So, you’ll just have to wait for tomorrow to read something about the trip, and to watch the “amazingling boring” video of Mr. Zort…. About the photos, they will be only available in 2 weeks… 🙂

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If you find cold, rain and snow pretty funny too… WANNA TRADE?! >(

Comment by Suzan

If Arnold is raving for me I don’t care about the weather. http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=PkbB-X9654s

Comment by Sebastian

Saudades tuas 😡 de te ouvir a cantar a musica da “baca” e a mandar vir cmg =P

Vejo-te daqui a uns dias.. eu e a sunxai temos de te falar do melhor jantar que nós jah tivemos ahah surreal! Depois trocamos novidades^^

E aqui a frio e a chuver… sortudooo! :*

Comment by Daniela

hmhm, trip & new life, sounds good… wo bist du denn? & recebeste a minha mensagem?

Comment by Sarah

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