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Zze Trip Photos, Part 4 of maybe 5: The Airport Waiting
December 31, 2007, 1:56 am
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Ok… so i was supose to post some photos of Palermo, and how is my life in my new home…. but i would leave it for the next post… for now i leave you with the result of 15 hours of (pain in the ass)waiting for my connection flight in Girona’s airport.

Click here! (sound: ON!)

oh, and thanks, Bernhard, for the online space provided.

Have a merry new easter.

Zze Trip Photos, Part 3 of maybe 5: BARCELONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 25, 2007, 6:16 pm
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Zze trip: BARCELONA!

Well… what can you say about a city like Barcelona? This time i only was there for a few hours (20 i guess),but it was the best way to end this mini mini trip around Europe. I had an amazing night thanks to Miguel (erasmus from last year in Porto) and Filipe!

So, with no further delay: Barcelona… the (european) city that never sleeps:

(note to the viewers: i really really like the photos from this night… lets find out if you guys think the same)

First stop: shopping. (actually it was 2nd, first was eating an good and tasty kebab).

Metro. (useful information as you can see)

Ramblear for hours and hours and hours.

2 tourists and a scared lady in the back… classic?

After a while we decided to go to a really cool bar to have a beer before dinner.

And what a(fucking overpaid) dinner!

So, what do you do after a dinner were you spend the same amount of money that you would spend in 5 dinners in your hometown?

well… that’s cool Miguel… but what about some phone calls to know here do we can hang out?

Much, much better!

Filipe decided to switch on the gangster mode.

After rambling for some hours we decided to go clubbing…

Look, thats me. The girl doesnt seems drunk at all, does she? Its a shame that i didn’t take any photo of the way her boyfriend was looking at me.

What do you do after clubbing? you go eat something. Or watch the others eating since you dont have any money left to spend in that city.


So, miguel asked for a photo toghether!


Bye-bye time…

Oh, i had a frame left, so i decided to go for a self portrait:

what am i saying.. this is digital, there is no such thing as “frame left”….

i was just trying to be cool, as the others…. :I

ahaha… ciao ciao, next stop: PALERMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (maybe tomorrow or in 3 days max)

(btw, going to catch a plane back to italy tomorrow.. wish me good flight).

Zze Trip Photos, Part 2 of maybe 5: HOLLAND!
December 22, 2007, 11:35 pm
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So… Holland!

(or… Suzan!)

So… i found Amsterdam boring.

Like, really boring.

LOOK, there’s Suzan! Suzan is NOT boring at all.

But Suzan was not in Amsterdam. And Amsterdam was boring.

And, by the way Suzan is staring at me, i’m boring too.

Emo boring?

Boring and stalker. Just the kind of guy you wanna be with when you are full of stuff too do. (this is my way to say: Thanks Suz, really!)

Suzan with the cellphone and cigarette. (yes, i like to add useful information to the photos.).



This mirror is famous 🙂 I could not resist making a self in it.

Marica(s) (ahhh, inside joke)… also famous 🙂 It was strange to meet her, since i was used to see her photos in Suz’s blog. (if you ever read this, thanks for the tea, and you are a lot more nicer than i was expecting!)

So, we (me and Suz) left Nijmegen to Maastricht, to meet the amazing (and very very old) Carlos (MelvinKobe) and his gorgeous partner in crime, Jorid.

We went to the WPP and then we had dinner at a pretty good restaurant.

Carlos aka MelvinKobe.

Jorid aka Partner in crime.

Bye bye!


Suz getting fat! ahahhahahhaha 😛 (sorry, i couldn’t resist making that joke.)

Last shot in Nijmegen.

And now, the last photo (and best photo)…

Ok Suz… one word: Hot.

(and another one: THANKS!)

And thats all for now….

Next stop: BARCELONA!!!

Zze Trip Photos, Part 1 of maybe 5: WIEN
December 21, 2007, 6:25 pm
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(note: i dont know why, when you read the blog via the RSS feeds programs, the last lines of the blog are not displayed, neither the links in the names of the Wieniese artists…)


ok, Wien… 17 photos, 1 by Portuguese Sebastian (the best one in the post, how sad is that), 1 by the other Sebastian, and 15 by me 🙂

Lets roll it!

The Chef, by Sebastian.

Sebastian, looking like a homeless, according to my sister.

These two guys above here responsible for some “not digested food from a portuguese stomach” in the sidewalks of Wien in the morning after.

Seb and Sev. good focus, amazing exposure, and fantastic framing. Thats why im considered to be the next Capa.

“Thanks for his name Seb” Tobi.

WordPress just deleted half of my post. Sweet.

Poker at Morgenstern. Classic?

Double vision at Morgenstern. Classic?

In love with public transportations in Wien. Classic?


Sarah, by Sebastian 🙂

Teh hot hot hot Sebastian!

The not so hot hot hot Miauzz/Cougar/Miauzz/Me by the hot hot hot Sebastian.

Some serious buzzzinezzz:

“Ztupid touritzzz”

And, lets end with some ART:

Bernhard hanging Severin‘s piece of aRT. I could see he was touched and proud of sharing the darkroom with such an artist.

And thats all for now…

Next post-stop: Holland!

December 10, 2007, 2:19 pm
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Still learning my way trough this new city.
No photos in this blog, since I’m writing it in my girlfriend’s computer, whom, thank god, is a mac user too…

For those who care, yes, i’ve arrived at my new home 2 weeks ago, and I’m doing ok.

After an amazing small trip alone around Europe (Wien, Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Maastricht, and Barcelona) where I finally got to know in person the “he’s gotta be portuguese” Sebastian, the “my threesome couple” Sebastian and Sarah, the “after all he’s not as retarded as I thought, in fact he’ss an amazing guy, and he knows how to play poker” Bernhard, the “i dont care about your age, you look young, and you are a kick ass party photographer” Carlos and his beautiful “partner in crime”, and last, but not least the “is easy to fall for this girl since she is an amazing girl, im really really honored to have some of your prints, i hope to meet you again and i promise i wont take a gazilion photos of you the next time” Suzan, and visit Miguel (Erasmus last year), and have a fucking crazy day and night in Barcelona, I finally get my way into this amazing island in the middle of the Mediterranic sea.

Photos of this trip will be available in December 19th i guess 🙂

Moving from a city that is known as Unvanquished City, to one that has been occupied by Phoenicians, Greeks, Spanish and Arabs, can be a shock. Its not an easy task to describe this city… at first glance it seems a village, with all the markets in the middle of the street, people selling fish in the middle of the street and street sellers describe sal waking you up on sunday morning… but when you look closer you notice that you are in a huge city, with the second biggest old city centre in Europe (after Rome), and with so many cars that it will make you go crazy…
Its impossible to describe the traffic here. There is no such thing as lanes in this city. If you can fit 3 cars and 2 motors in a 2 lanes street, you do it. There is no such thing as helmets. You use them if you like them. If not, you don’t. Simple as that. Nothing i can say here will describe the traffic here. Nothing. The only way i have to describe it is, for those who know me, i was afraid of driving in the first 3 days here. For those who really know me i guess that this explains a lot.

I live really close to the city center, close to Massimo, the third largest opera house in Europe, (and the one with the largest stage), at Zisa’s, one of the oldest neighborhood in this chaotic city, in a small but really nice house with my girl and two guys. The food here is just AMAZING! It’s really driving me crazy, im eating all the time. 😛

About the girls here: well… this is an island in the middle of the Mediterranic sea… do i really have to say anything else??? (i hope some random girlfriend doesn’t read this :P)
And now… A stupid video featuring the amazing Berhnard and the darkroom where all the Viennese magic happens… Yes, (he) is boring… but it’s the only thing I’m able to show to you guys now… 


I could…
December 6, 2007, 1:18 pm
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I could update the blog… Tell you about the trip, or about my new life… i could post the AMAZING video of Bernhard in the MAGIC darkroom… Which is almost as boring as his blog…

But you know… The weather is great today, the sun is shinning, and i have a free afternoon and an island to discover… not that im trying to make you jealous… in fact i find cold, rain and snow are pretty funny too!

So, you’ll just have to wait for tomorrow to read something about the trip, and to watch the “amazingling boring” video of Mr. Zort…. About the photos, they will be only available in 2 weeks… 🙂