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Bola de Berlin.
September 12, 2007, 4:00 am
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So… a new blog post!

Im packing my stuff… I’ll spend the weekend in Sicilia 🙂 Only a hand bag. Half with cloth, the other half with cameras.

I’ll steal Mr.Sebastian ideia and start to reply to comments from the last post here. So, at the begining of every post, and before anything else, i will reply to the “nice very” comments that you, “nice very” people, leave here in my blog.


Suzane and Tome: Yes… this kind of colors, in the long run, gets a little tiring. And i knew that… i was just “testing it”, just exploring it (till exhaustion i guess). But thanks for letting me know anyway 🙂

Daniela: I didnt said that i didnt like them, i only said that they were not my kind… But yes, they are beautiful!

Carô: Your eyes? Better than mine? AHAHAHAHHAH 😉 funny girl! I like you because you are always saying funny things! No, seriously, your eyes will never be as charming and cute and beautiful and fantastic as mine. Sorry.



As some of you know, and the ones that didnt knew it before, had their chance to read it in one of my latests posts, i love portraits. Since january, due to some “happenings”, i quit portraiting pepole… or at least not that often as i used to do.

Slowly im begining to do it again. Im really happy with that.

So i leave you with some portraits. Portraits of girls from Berlin. Carô, Sandra, and Laura.

Oh, if it is the first time you are visiting this amazing blog… click on the photos to enlarge.

Lets do a Carô-break. We will be back to her after 2 photos of Sandra:

Sandra… long time no see. In fact i didnt knew that she was still at Porto. She’s leaving in a few days though.

Auf Wiedersehen Sandra.

Back to Carô:

Tired of Carô already? Not yet? Ok then…

And my two favorite ones:

The following photos were taken with the webcam of my beautiful Macintosh.

Mind the arsty effects on the photos (the webcam do them, this is not post processed). 😉

Laura! “Fotografia do espetaculo!”

Carô, Laura an me. Termal vision. Uhhhuhhhhh…

Some Pop-Art. Because we are very very artsy people.

Gotta love Laura’s face in this one!

Nice CD cover.

Some narcisism now:

And thats it. Hope you all enjoy it. Im tired. Really tired. Gotta get up early tomorrow. Ciao!

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(oh eu digo-te o que eh que aumenta!… elas aumentam, só não aumentam todas.)

Só não gosto de uma fotografia das da Carô ( http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1256/1362845521_107333f528_o.jpg ), a testa ficou com uma textura estranha.

Quanto as fotos do mac faltam ai umas em que tas mesmo muito giro, qualquer uma se apaixonava por ti. Pergunta lah ah Carô… ela faz jah uma selecção das fotografias que faltam neste post. 😛 … Kidding

Humm… oh well só falta o… faz boa viagem amanha. :*

Comment by Daniela

Well that’s what i call several portraits of the same person. Very dedicated. Posting that many portraits you could actually leave out those which are unfocused.

Looks like Carô was bitten in the shoulder http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1013/1363732158_55e333fce0_o.jpg

Actually like http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1421/1363730976_033771c0da.jpg as well. Your favs are two nice ones, the smoking one is nice expression-wise but it’s a bit blurred, don’t like that.

You tend to cut the head a lot, http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1192/1362846167_9045abaf23_o.jpg is too extreme to me, I’d at least leave the chin inside.

Well and the 2nd part with those effects .. I think I did the same when I was 14 or 15 and had just discovered photoshop. ❤

Comment by Sebastian

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