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Lara Jade Inspiration
September 9, 2007, 3:08 pm
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This post is dedicated to Caro’s eyes, since she is mad at me because i said that i didnt liked them for 3 times in a row…

This post will feature more than 50 amazing digital cross processed photos. Yes, you heard me, digital cross processed photos. How daring is that? I wanna be the new Lara Jade.

In other news… im off to Sicilia in 4 days. 😀 yeahhhh!!!

Lets start, shall we?

(Click on the photos to enlarge.) (Enlarge the photos, not your little weener ok Sebastian??)

First i want to show you a photo of an amazing person. This guy is amazing, really cool, and, more than that, he is extremely charming and cute.

Im right or what?? 😉

But of course you can not compete with this:

ahahhahhahha 😛 This guy is called Nokia Viking 🙂


Enough bla bla bla, lets start the freak show:

Rita. She lives in the same place as Mr. Tome. Tome lives in the 7th floor and she in 6th floor. Nice, nice. Oh, she has some very nice music cds!

Yeah, they both live in an amazing place…

So i went to have luch with Laura, Caro and Renato the other day to C.C. Bombarda. Fantastic place, amazing food, 4 euros.

Of course she is covering her face. I would do the same if i had a face like her’s.

Hey Caro… YOUR EYES ARE AMAZING! Are you happy now?


BEAUTIFUL EYES Caro, AMAZING EYES, WOWOW, AMAZING!!! wunderschöne augen!!!

While watching a movie “The Hostel” in Laura’s place. The Hostel, “nice very” movie. uhuh…

So… the other day i went to Geres to do some Canyoning

Varela shopping for some food 🙂

Getting ready 🙂

Getting ready for the first rappel…

Varela 🙂

Ferraz… such a poser…

The “little boy”… agahahah 😛 No men, it was a really triky jump 😉

One without me…

And one with me…


Lunch Time!!!


Water play…

going into the hole…

The last rapel…

While rescuing “O menino”… ahahhahha

And the last jump…


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Não gostas dos olhos da Carô? eu sei que não gostas de olhos claros (tirando os teus olhos verdes =P), mas os dela são mesmo giros =). Eu tava a fazer “zapping” a umas fotografias no outro dia e um amigo tava a ver e passei por umas dela e ele reparou logo nos olhos.

Isso deve ser TAO fixe… tenho de fazer isso um dia.

Btw gosto muito desta fotografia (http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1253/1347080206_176b32b188_o.jpg).

Comment by Daniela

hmm.. n tenho nada contra x-process, digital ou não, mas acho que aqui é um pouco despropositado, não se ajusta ao assunto.

e n é por nada, na primeira foto parece q te tá a custar a xuxar qq coisa…

Comment by Xupa Cabras

That one is very lovely! I like what you did with the colours. It works good in that portrait. In the long run it gets a bit tiring.

Comment by Suzan

Está bem. Vou te dizer uma coisa. Eu não tenho problema nenhuma que tu não gostas dos meus olhos. É não estou zangada. Porque? As pessoas podem gostar o que quiserem. E eu sei ainda que não gostas dos meus olhos, gostas de mim. Para mim é so estranho que precisaste de dizer isto 3 vezes. E depois de terceira vez ja não te acreditei. Axo que só não gostas que os meus olhos são mais giros do que os teus…eheheheh…e são verdes!!!! Não azuis!!!

Comment by Os olhos

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