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August 24, 2007, 12:59 am
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Well… the following blog features high quality snap photos from a night with Tome / Colombo at a fancy bar last week (you can check some snaps from the bar in this blog) and a romantic dinner with Tome that took place yestarday.

Mind the great quality of the folowing photos. Is amazing. Nothing like a real digital sensor + photoshop to record those fantastic black and white moments.

Well.. i dont feel like writing today, sorry. Expect good stuff next post. Or not.

Fancy Fancy bar were Laura works.

And another one.

You got the picture, right?

Lets move on… some ULTRA secret photos of tome now… 🙂

Everything normal right? Tome reading a book. Nothing extraordinary.

keep watching…

I cook the dinner. Pasta.

Well… “is this it?” you ask… no! Lets show two amazing photos of the back stage of this romantic dinner… featuring the hiper mega ri fixe, TOMÉ.

“Hey, Ze, look, how funny is this, me pretending to piss on the glass?”

Not funny tome, not funny.

And, with no further delays, the piece of resistence…

Well… i’ve got nothing to say.

Ci vediamo ragazzi…

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buongiorno…non so perchè ma questo umore silenzioso, questo non avere niente da dire e non nasconderlo, accompagna bene l’atmosfera di queste foto…sono molto belle…e non hanno bisogno di troppe parole….la percezione visiva, in questo caso, è sufficiente a se stessa. non so spiegarti perchè, ma è bello.
a dopo…

Comment by francesca

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