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August 11, 2007, 4:54 am
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Grabing some clothes.

Check photographic equipment. Camera, “nice very” L glass (very profissional, yeah), flash, batteries for the flash, chargers, a couple of TX, Oly OM-1, some memory cards, computer charger and mice. Memory card reader too, i cant forget this!

Make an last effort to memorize the 3 days lineup.

Grab a backpack. Try to put all in the backpack. Some food too. Cookies. and chocolates.

I’ll be back on the 16th. Wish me luck. Or something else.

I leave you with this year line up:

Dia 13

00.30h am

11.00h / 00.00h pm

09.30h / 10.30h pm
Blasted Mechanism

08.10h / 09.10h pm
Mando Diao

07.00h / 07.50h pm

06.00h/ 06.45h
New Young Pony Club

Dia 14

00.45h am
Dinosaur Jr.

11.00h / 00.25h pm
New York Dolls

09.20h / 10.20h pm
Mão Morta

08.10h / 09.00h pm
Architecture In Helsinki

07.00h / 07.50h pm
Gogol Bordello

06.00h / 06.45h pm

Dia 15

00.45h am
Sonic Youth

11.00h / 00.25h pm
Cansei de Ser Sexy

09.20h / 10.20h pm
Peter, Bjorn & John

08.10h / 09.00h pm
Sunshine Underground

07.00h / 07.50h pm

06.00h / 06.45h pm
Linda Martini

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buona fortuna amore…non essere nervoso…
occorre amplificare le proprie facoltà percettive, dimenticarsi di se stessi al punto tale da lasciare che sul proprio corpo si imprimano le immagini del mondo che intendiamo raccontare… restare dentro se stessi quanto basta perchè quelle immagini abbiano un’anima, la loro anima ‘vestita’ di te e di tutte le prospettive con cui i tuoi occhi continuamente le avranno riplasmate
buona fortuna…scusami se ho scritto solo in italiano….
vado a fare le valigie anch’io..

Comment by francesca

congrats! hope it all goes well for you

Comment by Helen

Woooh, good luck! Some cool bands are playing. Hope everything goes well!

Comment by Suzan

… e gomas =P.

P.S:devias ter vindo hoje… meus deus!! (let the drunkenness begging)

Comment by Daniela

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