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Just portraits
August 8, 2007, 2:57 pm
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Just portraits. Its been a long time since the last time i took portraits. Single portraits, not party portraits, or “streetphoto portraits” or any other kind of portraits. No cute stories, just single and simple portraits from this last week.

As usual, click on the photos to enlarge.


Rita. She is very very excited about her new Vespa.


Max, tired of me taking photos. Oh well.


Rita. Gotta love her hair.


Laura. Very very serious.



I only get to know Giovanni one or two moths before he left. (He is back in Sicilia now). Anyway, he was one of the best italians that i meet this year. Ci vediamo tra un mese ragazzo.


Yes, Laura is always very very nice with me. I remember how much she supported me when we discovered that my favorite jacket was stolen, two days ago. She is very nice with me.


Nadia in her last day in Porto and Rafael in the back.


Francesco e Serena.


Me and Laura. This time not very serious. In fact, not serious at all. And no, she was not drunk at all.


Carô. She was the one who took the photo of me and Laura. And this photo was taken by Laura.


Nadia, while listening to some of my music.




Mario. Trying to act serious, because he was really really drunk.




Paolo. Nice italian guy! Ci vediamo tra un mese anche con te 😉



Carô. Looking very very excited, because me and Laura were talking about Berlin. She almost felt a sleep. Laura was complaining about the people that one month after moving to Berlin, say: “Ich bin ein Berliner”. You have to born, or at least grow in Berlin be a Berliner.


Japonese guy. He told me to call him AhAh. Ahah? oh well….


Laura. Hummm… i really really like this photo of her. Maybe is because we cant see her face… ahahahah. 😛

Bem.. ate loguinho, vemo-nos por ai.

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bla bla bla e tu nao falas pa mim… bem ate amanha, amanha tamos de volta. esta semana foi tao…

Comment by Daniela

Some lovely portraits! The Italian is hot! And blowdrying his hais?! Hahaha 😀
Really great non-photoface portraits, I like!

Comment by Suzan

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