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July 29, 2007, 4:00 pm
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Its impossible to remember everything that happened since my last post, since that night in Vigo to see Arctic Monkeys. It was 2 weeks ago i guess, or only a week ago i dont know…

So i will just post some photos. And again i have to say this: you will not find good photos here. At least in an “aesthetic art” way (does this exist?). The photos on this post are just snap photos, perhaps “high quality snap photos”, like Tord Rikard (here and here) called them.

I think the next 2 or 3 posts that i have in mind will feature some nice photos. Or at least, nice and interesting content!

Therefore, this post is one of those that is only interesting for the people that were with me in this last 15 days… sorry guys….

Humm… enough bla bla bla:

(as usual: click on the photos to enlarge! 😉 )

Arctic Monkeys day:


At the last minute, we noticed that we had an extra ticket and we went to pick up Rita 🙂


See, see! im an artist! And i dont need photoshop 😀 ahahha 😛 Pedro daniela e Copo, walking to the concert!


Mendetz… they did the open for Arctic Monkyes. Great band…

So… the following photos are from the Arctic Monkeys concert.. err….



“So, about the concert… this is it?” you ask…. yes. I was in a horrible position to take photos (and i almost had my camera confiscated by one of the security guys.). The thing is… in 2 weeks i will be (officially) shooting the Paredes de Coura festival, one of the most important festivals in Portugal. So i took the camera to this concert to somehow, “train” for that event. When i got there i saw that it would be impossible to take those “classic” concert photos. At least, GOOD classic concert photos. So i tried new angles. New ways of shooting concerts. I dont plan to do only classic photos in Paredes de Coura. I want to be able to do new stuff, or different stuff. I like classic concert photos, and i sure will take some. But… i will try to do other stuff too… 🙂


No, this is not a staged photo. We were walking trough some ugly neighborhood in our way back to the car… I keep taking photos. This is the kind of thing that i would never do in my city… Because, bealive me, that was not a nice neighborhood…


By the time of this beers we were all a little bit sloppy drunk…

Erasmus department now:


Meteora and some friends of Marta… Aperitivo in Bairro Ignez!


Giulio e Carol 😀


Giovanni 🙂 Grazie per il ricotta salada!


Margue – è un onore avere la tua sciarpa


giulio was… sleppy. Yeah, sleepy is the right word. (notice the hand holding a bottle…)


Miguel (spain) and Nadia (Italian… upss.. Siciliana :))


Claudio. And i think the photo speaks for it self!

Nadia and my favorite Swedish photographer … 🙂


Laura (Germ) Sandrine (Belg i think), Nicola (Belg) and Ina (Germ). why only Laura is looking at me? Because you can see that Claudio was taking a picture at the same time… After this photo, we all took Laura’s suggestion and went to drink some shoots:)




Giulio’s never too drunk. It’s everybody else that’s too sober.


Claudio and Diego. And dont complain about the focus… buy this hour i was happy to be sober enough to take photos.


L’ultimo risveglio di Claudio a Porto.




More packing….


One last PingHandPong game before they left.


Sara, Filippo, Margue, Xavi, Claudio, Albe, Francesca, Filippo and Giulio.

The last photo.

Actually i will see Giulio next week, and francesca too… But…. it will not be the same thing i guess.

See ya…..


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1º – Não sei onde é que se fazem posts neste coisa mas pronto vai ficar aqui
2º – o Piru é giro como o caraças
3º – Pessoal fixe + Artic monkyes + Vigo + Porto de Vigo (:() e super-bock (:D) + barzinho no beco xpto com cerveja a sério (XD) + Al Magadon = GREAT DAY…AND NIGHT XD!!

Comment by Pedro

DESPERADOS!… a minha cerveja ta tao bem servida 😛 menhami… mas sim pôs o mundo ah roda, entao os primeiros 30minutos da viagem de volta.. ui. Ah e nesse bar aprendi como eh que devem ser as calças das raparigas…ahahah.. bolsos em cima. 😛

Tarmos “perdidos” até foi fixe, eu nao me importo, ate gosto.

Anyway lembro-me de ver melhores fotos do concerto.. e a da bandeira 🙂

E eu perdi o meu bilhete, ficou em papa (porque? porque? eh pois…ensopapas-te o meu bilhete, coitadinho). wait for the next time!!

Comment by Daniela

És um “desfocado” =P ( ai e tal q sou um fotografo da pinta e todo giro e depois sacas fotos tremidas )

De resto, foi grande cena xD já descobri com quem eh q vou furar até as grades em PdC =) e ai já n vou ter de conduzir até ao porto, por isso venham as super bock’s xD

Comment by Copo

sharing the end..

Comment by joss

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