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FAUP Churrasco
July 7, 2007, 1:31 am
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This thursday was the last FAUP (architecture faculty) party of this year. I didnt took the camera… and im glad for it, because, after both me and my girlfriend (“what????? you and your who? Girlfriend???” – Yes, i will talk about her later 😉) tried Snus, and after 20 minutes we were both completely knocked out…

Anyway, here it is a photo that i took in one of the many Churrascos party that FAUP had organized this year.


(Click in the image to enlarge)

Il bravissimo Claudio, me, in the midle, the beautiful Sara, and the furiouse Furia 😉

Ciao… 😉

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tell us about the girlfriend, buster!

Comment by Nora

Snus? Isso terá alguma coisa a ver com o Sôr Tord?

Gostei muito da parte “_uacct = “UA-2160714-1″;

Comment by Tomé

Snus? pronto agora quando te pediram tabaco vou deixar de dizer “ele não fuma, pelo milionésima vez ele não fuma” … não eh a mesma coisa, mas tem nicotina :P. Bem me pareceu que a tua reacção ao pedirem-te tabaco duas vezes seguidas tinha sido estranha “não sabes daniela, eu posso ter começado a fumar” converteste-te errmm…
Sim eu tou a brincar com este drama todo 😛

Comment by Daniela

Snus is so gross 😦

Comment by Suzan

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