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June 17, 2007, 4:08 pm
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Filipa (!!!) and Irma (!!! – the one in the middle) asked me for a new blog post.

Finally, after some weeks without touching the chemicals, the sweet Tomé (!!!) has kind enough to send me a bottle of Rodinal 🙂 so i started to develop again… i developed 2 apx.. and i hated the results… only +- 5 acceptable frames in 70 photos… not good, not good. So, and as i’ve got 10 more films left to develop, i will wait for develop them to post some film photographies…

So… i will do a post about wired faces. Why? Because.

(click on the photos to ENLARGEEEE)

Lets start with Filipa!


“Temos pena”


If you are wondering why do i hang around with such a horrible girl like Filipa, the answer is easy my friends… She has a VW EOS, and i love Cabrio’s.

Lets make exception here… The next stupid face photo is from Sofia (!!!), and its from one of the 2 films i had developed this weekend:


Now who ask: “Hey, Miauzz, why did you focused the bagpack and not her face?” Easy my dear readers. Because im stupid.

Why do i hang around with her? Because she has an 17-40 L 🙂 and i use it sometimes!

Lets move on:



why do i hang around with him? Well… he obviously knows how to party!!!


Miguel, Ina, Miguel’s friend and Claudio in the back.


Magda 🙂 Gotta love spain 😛





Why do i hang around with them? Because they know how to party too! And Ina (!!!) makes an amazing soup too!

And the winners ARE:


CLAUDIO AND DAVID!!! You cant beat this amazing combination and coordenation of stupid faces!

(and why isnt this photo focused? Because i’m stupid)

Well.. I win the runner up prize:


Filipa toked this photo 😉 (well, you can see her in the background)

(and you ask. why isnt this photo focused? Well… easy… because Filipa is stupid!!!)

And before saying goodbye… A question: Oh meu fofinho do caralho do avatar maricas… porque eh que montaste o darkroom em evora e nao no porto? Dass… era de quem te ampliasse…. eu nao vou dizer o que… e nao é o pilau.

Over and out!


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omg omg omg nas primeiras fotos tou ca mm camisola k no outro post! ahhh kill me now plizz i cant stand the shame!

anyway, estupida? estupido és tu. fizesses a barba mais devagar e eu secalhar ja conseguia focar. toma toma!

e btw, só gostas sp d mim pelos meus carros.. era o tecto d abrir do stilo, é o eos.. as x’s pergunto-me se só m aturas mesmo por interesse! *chora desalmadamente
ok menos.

aposto k tinhas caras ainda piores das pessoas. mas oukaaaaaaay. (minhas nao obviamente pk eu sou mesmo boua e nc fico mal huh )
menos – parte 2.

hm vou-me calar e vou dormir
um beijiito e meio esverdeado para ti*
(o outro meio só s t portares bem!! menos – parte 3)

Comment by filipa

oh meu filhinho era de quem te pusesse pimentinha na língua por dizeres tantas asneiras! esta juventude de hoje em dia é só mal criados depois claro que esfaqueiam professores universitários e são desempregados são é uns preguiçosos n querem fazer nenhum é só festas e jantares e blogues e festas e danceterias e festas.

quanto ao darkroom é “portátil”… tá em évora porque tou em évora… 🙂

Comment by Tomé

Hahahaha, nice conceptual entry! Enjoyed it 🙂

Comment by Suzan

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