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June 5, 2007, 11:45 am
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Long time no blogging 😉 Sorry guys! Anyways… i had this great great weekend, that started out with a rooftop party and ended up by winning a 400€ prize in a “kind of” photographic competition in other party, the 40h Serralves party, in witch the Museum of Serralves (the best contemporary art museum in Portugal, with one of my favorite gardens in Porto), is open for 40h hours straight, with a lot of activities and live performances.

So… lets start with the rooftop party… This time not exactly an Erasmus party for a change, but still with a lot of my erasmus friends in it.

(click on the photos to enlarge)




Federica and Francesca.


Welcome to SuperPiso! 😉 Rooftop party…


Federica 😉


Furia/Silvia – que seca, farmaco! 😛


Joss (he lives in this place) and his brother.


Marina and Fillipo. (and you can see Giovani on the back)


Thomás. He looks strange in this one!


Claudio being Claudio. You can see Joss and Giulia on the back. Probably my favorite photo of the night. And im sorry for the digital B&W. :X


Fillipo! Thaks for the ride home the other day 😉




Giulio and Claudio on the back 🙂

So… lets move on, shall we? To the museum party/competition/whatever.



Antonio in the first plan, and you can see Henrique and Nergrão too. Antonio knows a LOT about photography. Its strange that he uses a Nikon though. Because we all know that nikons are for pussies.


Camera geekness. 😛 You can see my Oly OM-1 there 😉 (yes, i took REAL b&w photos… but i have 14 films to develope, and my supplier dont have XTOL in stock.)


My team doing serious art. You can see them all: Negrao, Mariana, Henrique and Antonio. Thanks again guys 😉


To my dear Bernhard, Tomé And Suzan. Yes, i do art photography too. Im an artist. Serious business.


Henrique, being a paparazzo…


Mariana and Nergao chilling between the photogames 😉


Sofia (very nice girl btw) and a big big webcam.


Negrao after the photo-paintball game.


Mariana, our Sparta’s queen 😉




Negrao. His car was stolen during the night, as he coulnd find it. But the day after he found it in the same place, with no scratches. Yes, his car was stolen. Yes. He is not crazy. No. We went back to the police saying that it has been only a misunderstanding.


Antonio. This guy has a lot of webcams.


This is the team that won the 1st place (well, you can see Mariana and Henrique from my team too). Their name is “Equipa Manhosa”. We all (1st and 2nd place teams) had a beer afterwards… it was cool too meet this guys 😉 Ah, e jah agora… NAO FUI EU QUE TIREI A VOSSA FOTO DE GRUPO EM SERRALVES… foi o antonio… 😛 Eh o que da… webcams…

Now, for some nice art photography, because i’m serious artist:



Probably my best photo in the whole weekend…

Err… sorry for my english….

Well… see you guys later… i have an italian lesson in a few minutes 😛


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olazinho gatinho ihhi
ora.. eu fiquei um bocadinho sorridente.. quem diria huh? 😡
yeah.. foi gira a festa..especialmente ao inicio.. lalalal

anyway gosto das fotos das bolas.. e, na da xposicao d serralves, gosto do tecto.. tb gosto dakela em que so s ve a boca do claudio (hey hey nao vás por aí!! )

bjinhs bjinhs para o meu gatinho preferido..
im so into you.. kitty kat.. ahahah :X
cenas! cenas! é a nossa cena !

Comment by filipa

mais uma vez parabens man. da próxima vez não falto, não sabia que as 40h envolviam esse tipo de iniciativas pa webcams.

hah, webcam, gosto da designação.

beijinhos abraços e mordidelas no cachaço.

Comment by Tomé

Parecia estar muito mais gente na festa… humm vieram depois.

E devias ganhar prémios desses mais vezes… para as primeiras rodadas serem sempre pagas por ti e com o alex a comparar o jogo dos 7segundos ao jogo da bolacha… blurrgggg 😛

Na foto das escadas andávamos nós ah tua procura e puff o zé ta a ser artista (sentado ah 10′ no chão pa tirar uma fotografia)… mas valeu a espera.


Comment by Daniela

nice fotos_marianaispretty-nicesnapshot

Comment by robert

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