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May 4, 2007, 7:50 pm
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I’m really happy. And i’m sure you wanna know why.

So… today it was a beautiful sunny afternoon and so, i decided to go to Aveiro with Sara and Claudio. We met up at the train station at 16.40 to buy tickets and take the train. I bought a 2 way ticket, because i had to come back to Porto before 20.30. So, we bought the tickets and both me and Sara followed Claudio to the train. They were really excited because, after Aveiro, they were planning to go to Coimbra. I was excited because i really needed to get way from Porto, even if it was only for 2 hours. So… after a few minutes travelling on the train, we realized that we were traveling on the oposite way. How cool is that? So, we left the train, and decided to go back to Porto.

So… back to Porto, we went to a park, to hang out and forget this not-so-funny episode. In fact i quickly forgot the train issue, as the light was so beautifull that the only thing i was thinking of was photography. I had both Oly OM1 and Canon 350D with me, but i decided to use only the Oly OM-1, as this kind of light was screaming for a good APX100.
I was really convinced that i was taking amazing pictures… the light was perfect, we were relaxed, and both Claudio and Sara felt confortable with my camera pointing torwards them.

Well… the film didnt last that long… as i was shooting all the time. I left the last frame for a special photo. I took it. But, wait, there is space for one more in the film. And i took one more. And again there was space for one more. Strange.

Well… it didnt took me long to realize that the camera wasnt loaded. Yeah. I was taking pictures with Invisible Film 100. Good tones.

Really cool. Really 🙂 Amazing photos. Yeah, right. 🙂


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Hahaha dork! Don’t you feel it when there’s no film in the camera? When you hit the film advance lever?

Comment by Suzan

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