Random cat.

May 21, 2007, 4:14 pm
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(Yes, i have been idle for a while now. I’m sure you all miss me. 😛 My life changed a lot in this 3 weeks i’ve been idle… i’ll be back soon with a lot of news ;)…

Btw, my birthday is in a few days, 24 of May. No one with an extra Leica? i wont mind to recive one as a gift. The party is probably in SuperPiso, in Joss place, because we share the same birthday. And yes EVERYONE is invited. Just show up with a couple of beers… and a Leica for me, if you have one ; ) )

Ci vediamo dopo ragazzi 🙂

Welcome back Alice
May 5, 2007, 7:26 pm
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Benvinda de volta Alice!

Yellow there.

After a strange night (were i was really really stupid), today i wake up early (8a.m. is really early for me) to pick up Alice (you can see her in this post) at the airport. Yes, she is back to Porto for some days!! 🙂

After picking her up we went to Piolho to meet up with the others italians. So… photos from this morning:

(click on the photos to enlarge)


Say: Welcome back Alice 🙂


Federica went with me to the airport.


Silvia meets Alice 🙂


Now say hello to Silvia. Hello Silvia.




Giulio meets Alice.





Et Giulio.


Meet Giulia 🙂 Nice girl, meet her today.


Alice again 🙂


Et Giulia again.



After breakfast we went wake up the others italians. They were really pissed off…



I dont know this girl’s name. She is spanish. And she didnt like me that much i can tell. Oh well. Oh drama.  (she was saying something like: “dont take photos like this, bla bla bla”… yeah, right. Too late.



And…. thats all for today.

May 4, 2007, 7:50 pm
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I’m really happy. And i’m sure you wanna know why.

So… today it was a beautiful sunny afternoon and so, i decided to go to Aveiro with Sara and Claudio. We met up at the train station at 16.40 to buy tickets and take the train. I bought a 2 way ticket, because i had to come back to Porto before 20.30. So, we bought the tickets and both me and Sara followed Claudio to the train. They were really excited because, after Aveiro, they were planning to go to Coimbra. I was excited because i really needed to get way from Porto, even if it was only for 2 hours. So… after a few minutes travelling on the train, we realized that we were traveling on the oposite way. How cool is that? So, we left the train, and decided to go back to Porto.

So… back to Porto, we went to a park, to hang out and forget this not-so-funny episode. In fact i quickly forgot the train issue, as the light was so beautifull that the only thing i was thinking of was photography. I had both Oly OM1 and Canon 350D with me, but i decided to use only the Oly OM-1, as this kind of light was screaming for a good APX100.
I was really convinced that i was taking amazing pictures… the light was perfect, we were relaxed, and both Claudio and Sara felt confortable with my camera pointing torwards them.

Well… the film didnt last that long… as i was shooting all the time. I left the last frame for a special photo. I took it. But, wait, there is space for one more in the film. And i took one more. And again there was space for one more. Strange.

Well… it didnt took me long to realize that the camera wasnt loaded. Yeah. I was taking pictures with Invisible Film 100. Good tones.

Really cool. Really 🙂 Amazing photos. Yeah, right. 🙂

A tree. A fucking tree in the middle of the living room.
May 2, 2007, 2:58 pm
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Insted of posting pictures about partys, nightlife and the usual stuff, i’ll post some pictures about a really cool afternoon i had this weekend. I went to Chiara’s place (Italy) to have lunch. Gnocchi 🙂 We all had lunch in the garden, until it started raining, and then we just crashed in her living room. What a house… really. I want to live there!

Before the slideshow:

Well… after this really amazing afternoon, when i was walking down one street near my school, i walked by a tiny restaurant (well, for portugueses: uma tasca caralho 😉 ), and these two men started to talk to me and asking me to take a picture of them, and put it in a newspaper, for the world to know that they were old, but they were still kicking asses! After i took the photo (yes, digital, the film ended up in Chiara’s place), they invited me to have glass of wine with them, or a beer, which i declined because i was late to work. But maybe i’ll print the photo and go back to the tiny restaurant, to give them a copy 😉


I have to stop shooting film, as i dont have any money to buy it… that doesent mean i’ll only post digital from now on, since i have a lot of films to develope…


One more thing before the slideshow… Have you noticed the last posts in Tomé’s blog?
I recomend you to read them and to think about them. My favorite is the nihilistic pupil series…

Maybe one of my next posts will be about something serious to. Not political serious, but… we will see.

So… finally… the slide show:

(and i’m sorry about the fucking noise in the pictures… :X)


So… see you guys next time 😉