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April 20, 2007, 3:59 pm
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So…. long time since the last post. As usual 😛

Shall we start? 😉

I have to start with a photo to my dear Bernhard.


After seeing this one i bet that Bernh is on his way to Portugal. He is a sucker for mature women.

I showed up at Mariana’s place while she and her boyfriend were cooking lunch. They invited me to stay. I can’t say no to free food 😛




Filipe acting serious.


Filipe being VERY serious.

Mariana took the next two.




“For relaxed times, make it Santoro times.” Anyone has any idea who am i quoting?


Horrible tones.

I dunno if this last two were one day after or before the ones above. What i do know is that she was really pissed of. She’s better now 😉


As some of you may know, i fucked up two really important films. Well… it was only one film actually, but since i’ve double exposed it (that’s way it is fucked up), i ruined 72 (36×2) photos. Nice very +fav.



Diego e Claudio (it) in the first exposure, talking about a project. Furia (it) packing some meat in the second.


Furia in the balcony of her place.

img226.jpgAlbertina in the first exposure. Furia in the second.


Anyway… 2 shots from a party i’ve been to:



Next photos featuring Theodora, from Belgium.
It was her last day here in Portugal, so we meet up for a while.


say hello to Théo.



So… Let’s go random…


Federica (it). I’ve got a lot a photos of her waiting for developing…


Tiago (PT ;)).

well.. i had 2 or 3 more photos to show, but, i dunno why, im having trouble uploading them… whatever, i’ll post them in next entry 😉

Today (friday) there is a party at Rua Miguel Bombarda nº96. Its an amazing place for partys 😉 You’re welcome, Just bring something to drink! Ciau 😉


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“For relaxed times, make it Santoro times.” Anyone has any idea who am i quoting?”
Claro.. o Bob em Lost in translation, quando estava a fazer o anuncio 😛

Nem ficaram assim tao mal 😛

Comment by Daniela

Oh, man those double exposures… Damn, that’s shitty. But some other really nice photos.
I like this one a lot:

Hopefully you can make it nice looking on paper when you crank up the contrast a bit. Because I think that’s one hell of a beautiful girl and expression you captured.
I dig this one a lot too

Nice patterns!

Comment by Suzan

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