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April 8, 2007, 9:23 pm
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well… hello!

Last week… well… a LOT of work. Some all nighers. Lots of APX. Lots of Coca-Cola (really, LOTS). Sleeping at weird hours. Camera’s lightmeter broken. One party. Alawys from one place to another (THANKS, metro). Still i do like this kind of rhythm.

I also had the chance to meet my ex girlfriend’s boyfriend. It was cool, since she is the only exgirlfriend i still talk in a regular basis. He his not the kind of guy that i would imagine with her. Dont ask why, he simply isnt. But he seemed to be a really nice guy, so i’m happy for her. And they are together for more than a year now, so i think its serious 😉

The folowing photos though are from the end of the last week, and the beginning of this one. I hadnt the time to devlope the ones i took in this busy busy week.

trix @ 2000 (in daylight, coz retarded is my middle name) and some apx100 (in night/artificial light, because, once again, retarded is my middle name). (click on the photos to enlarge)




This is Rita. Long time no see.
I hanged around with her for a couple of days. We went to a party, on the roof top, Its a shame that her boyfriend didnt make it, i love to see them together 🙂
Rita and Gaspar (her boyfriend). This is an old photo. From last year i guess.

So… one of the all nighters was spent in FAUP (Faculty of Architecture), with the Erasmus people. I was shooting for the project, while they were working for their project.



Giulio(It) Thomas (Fr) Claudio (It) and I playing this fucking addictive cars game. Yes, they were not working that ward in this night 😛


Albertina joined the game too. Actually she drove all the way from Italy to Portugal. In the real life, not in the game 😛

She thought i was 24! ahahah… weird, because i look like a kid and i act like one too. 😛



Well… like i said… they were not working that hard in this week. 😛



Well… dinner is ready… gotta go! 😉


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Ah, some really nice photos you took in that offixe. I love (the light in) the last one!

Comment by Suzan

a rita é bonita, gosto como consegues acentuar essa característica nas tuas fotos 😀 (vá é uma maneira de dizer que as tuas fotos são bonitas e que o teu curso até vale a pena! ^^) * da amiga da rita, a ana rita X) (“eles” os dois são lindos)

Comment by ana rita

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