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April 20, 2007, 3:59 pm
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So…. long time since the last post. As usual 😛

Shall we start? 😉

I have to start with a photo to my dear Bernhard.


After seeing this one i bet that Bernh is on his way to Portugal. He is a sucker for mature women.

I showed up at Mariana’s place while she and her boyfriend were cooking lunch. They invited me to stay. I can’t say no to free food 😛




Filipe acting serious.


Filipe being VERY serious.

Mariana took the next two.




“For relaxed times, make it Santoro times.” Anyone has any idea who am i quoting?


Horrible tones.

I dunno if this last two were one day after or before the ones above. What i do know is that she was really pissed of. She’s better now 😉


As some of you may know, i fucked up two really important films. Well… it was only one film actually, but since i’ve double exposed it (that’s way it is fucked up), i ruined 72 (36×2) photos. Nice very +fav.



Diego e Claudio (it) in the first exposure, talking about a project. Furia (it) packing some meat in the second.


Furia in the balcony of her place.

img226.jpgAlbertina in the first exposure. Furia in the second.


Anyway… 2 shots from a party i’ve been to:



Next photos featuring Theodora, from Belgium.
It was her last day here in Portugal, so we meet up for a while.


say hello to Théo.



So… Let’s go random…


Federica (it). I’ve got a lot a photos of her waiting for developing…


Tiago (PT ;)).

well.. i had 2 or 3 more photos to show, but, i dunno why, im having trouble uploading them… whatever, i’ll post them in next entry 😉

Today (friday) there is a party at Rua Miguel Bombarda nº96. Its an amazing place for partys 😉 You’re welcome, Just bring something to drink! Ciau 😉

April 8, 2007, 9:23 pm
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well… hello!

Last week… well… a LOT of work. Some all nighers. Lots of APX. Lots of Coca-Cola (really, LOTS). Sleeping at weird hours. Camera’s lightmeter broken. One party. Alawys from one place to another (THANKS, metro). Still i do like this kind of rhythm.

I also had the chance to meet my ex girlfriend’s boyfriend. It was cool, since she is the only exgirlfriend i still talk in a regular basis. He his not the kind of guy that i would imagine with her. Dont ask why, he simply isnt. But he seemed to be a really nice guy, so i’m happy for her. And they are together for more than a year now, so i think its serious 😉

The folowing photos though are from the end of the last week, and the beginning of this one. I hadnt the time to devlope the ones i took in this busy busy week.

trix @ 2000 (in daylight, coz retarded is my middle name) and some apx100 (in night/artificial light, because, once again, retarded is my middle name). (click on the photos to enlarge)




This is Rita. Long time no see.
I hanged around with her for a couple of days. We went to a party, on the roof top, Its a shame that her boyfriend didnt make it, i love to see them together 🙂
Rita and Gaspar (her boyfriend). This is an old photo. From last year i guess.

So… one of the all nighters was spent in FAUP (Faculty of Architecture), with the Erasmus people. I was shooting for the project, while they were working for their project.



Giulio(It) Thomas (Fr) Claudio (It) and I playing this fucking addictive cars game. Yes, they were not working that ward in this night 😛


Albertina joined the game too. Actually she drove all the way from Italy to Portugal. In the real life, not in the game 😛

She thought i was 24! ahahah… weird, because i look like a kid and i act like one too. 😛



Well… like i said… they were not working that hard in this week. 😛



Well… dinner is ready… gotta go! 😉

April 2, 2007, 6:15 am
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Hello guys… 🙂 Finally some decent neg scans. But lets start with a digital photo, taken with my webcam. I want to dedicate this next digital crappy photo to my dear friend Colombo aka Tome aka Retarded.


ABSOLUT Spring. ABSOLUT Party 21 March. ABSOLUT invite. ABSOLUTely forgot to get one invite for Colombo. Well, i didnt forgot, but i would never imagine he wanted to go. I beat my record on “being drunk state” in this party. I ended up sleeping in the middle of the sidewalk, next to the car, and my best friend find it so funny that he left me there for a while and went sleep to the car. Very nice very. Very very retarded. Oh well.


So lets start the neg scans with some photos from my project with erasmus people. Im having a great time doing this, really. And im not talking about partys only. Im talking about everything. Thank you guys for being so patient.

The following photos are taken with TriX and APX. (Click on the photos to enlarge) (the photos, not your penis.)


Federica in Serralves Museum. We had a talk about relationships and how she didnt manage to understand a men’s mind. In this photo she looks like she is trying to understand what is a men made of. I really like this picture. One of the best till now. Oh, and thanks Fede, for all the support with this hole project. You’re a fantastic woman.


Furia(It), Franca(It), Carol(Es) an Ina(Ger). Notice the similarity betwen the facial expressions. I’ve got one better than this one, but i’m saving it for another time i guess.


Alice, Fede e Furia 🙂


Stefan (Franca’s friend) and Renato (Franca’s brother) carrying a mattress from one house to another. Alice and Albertina in the back.


Please, Shut The Door SLOWLY! (Alice Fede and Ina’s place).


The beautiful Alice. I love the spot that she has on the back of her neck, and you can see it in this photo. Once again, i have a better photo from her, but i prefer to save it for another time. But i really really like this photo too.


Claudio (It). I could use an extra speed stop in this one. bah. Studying in the library. Thanks for being so patient with this all project Claudio. Really, most of it its thanks to you. 😉


Nell, from Austria, writting me something in my moleskine. Yes, i have a moleskine. I’m an artist. (Oh, and Nell, thanks again for the 40 APX 😉 )


My very first photo with APX100. Nell again. It was really dark, for 100 iso though. But oh well, i wanted to try it anyway!


Sandra (Germ). I spend one morning with her at her place, sharing some music. She really hates when i take pictures. Oh well.

Ok… Lets see… RANDOM photos from now on!


Ruben, from my class, trying to dry some prints in the balcony of my school.


Because, sometimes, i do like nice very art photography too.


Random women playing puzlebuble…



First sunny days of the year… people were crazy, lying everywhere.



Colombo is on the back. Usually i am the one on the backs of colombo.img062.jpg


One extra speed stop and this would be perfect…


And… thats it! 🙂

My digital camera (350D) is off to Berlim for a week. Bastard. I wish i could go too. It was one of my 2007-TO-DO-THINGS… but i guess i wont make it. Oh well, at least my camera will.

Next post… negscans, i guess.

See ya later.