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Upssss… she did it again…
March 22, 2007, 1:17 am
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Yes, she did it again. I’ve just noticed today while i was browsing trough some websites… and decided to take a peek to a “special” one… it was a long time since the last time that i had visited that website… and, surprise surprise: She did it again.


(the following text was written a week ago, so its a little bit out of date…. but oh well)…

Neg scans… Next time. I promise! =p (really, i’ve got enough negatives to do a real post…)

This post is somehow a reply to miss suzage coment on my last entry.

Its true that most of my latest entrys are about erasmus partys, and it seems that the only thing i do is attending erasmus partys. Well, the truth is that, yep, i do attend to a lot of erasmus partys…

The main reason is that the final project that i’m doing for my classes is about Erasmus, Italian Erasmus. And the other reason for that is that me and most of my friends still live in their parents house, (which is pretty common here in Portugal) so it’s hard for us to have a house to throw partys.. The other thing is that most of my friends isn’t exactly the party tipe.. Last but not least, I work in a cibercafé, so I end up meeting lots of people, and lot’s of people in erasmus.

But maybe I am partying to much. In fact, since 12 days ago (18 days now, as this blog is out of date), I’ve been in so much partys and trouble that I lost my bearins, and notion of time and space. It was like a 12 day weekend. Which fortunately ended up the best way possible with a martini bottle (I’m very bohemian lately), snacks, and auralis, colombo e caesvadios (deviantart users) company, in the Jardins do Palacio de Cristal (fanstastic gardens btw). And a dinner at Sofia’s friends house. They’re also photographgy students. It was the best possible grand finale for this busy troublesome “weekend”.

So… some radom photos…


Alice, from Italy.

IMG_0158 copy.jpg

Ah… Claudio! 😉 Ma que cazzo fae?

IMG_0205 copy.jpg PASTA… my diet in the last 2 moths…

IMG_0198 copy.jpg PASTA II

IMG_0151 copy.jpg Me, with David’s hat, heading to a party. I dont remember which one though…

Fede e Alice… this party… welll… i remember this one… whatever…

A Portuguese (me), a Spanish, a German and a Italian 🙂 on our way home… i was pretty drunk.

IMG_9889 copy.jpg Franca!!! ahaha… she hates when i call her that 😛

Julio, from Italy…. “SÓ MAIS 4 CAIPIRINHASSS!!!!!”…. Ma va fan culo Julio!

IMG_9895 copy.jpg
Claudio and his friend.

Marina… from Barcelona!

So, the following photos are from the day in the gardens… I dunno how (err… in fact i know), i was fucking drunk in this afternoon. It was the first time that this happened… its Auralis fault though, as she let me drink a bottle of martini all by myself. Ahahaha 😛

IMG_9955 copy.jpg Just ignore the way i’m holding the camera…

IMG_0150 copy.jpg Colombo and CaesVadios (deviantArt)

She is stupid, i’m cute.

IMG_9960 copy.jpg Auralis, Moi, CaesVadios e Colombo…. The first photo of colombo without the camara in his face.

IMG_9980 copy.jpg She is sexy, isnt she?

IMG_9968 copy.jpg Auralis and Adriana…

IMG_9989 copy.jpg Puppy shot!

IMG_9991 copy.jpg adriana

IMG_9998 copy.jpg Going back home, at the last metro or something like that, with Adriana. Lip piercing. Drool.

I promisse my next post will be only negscans 😀