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Oh, but it’s oh so absurd,for you to say the first word…
October 29, 2006, 8:18 pm
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So you’re waiting and waiting!
Title from the soundtrack for today’s post…

Arctic Monkeys – Dancing Shoes.

This last 2 weeks… = busy busy busy life… really!

Enough bla blabla…. photos:

One of the few relaxed times this last two weeks… at Mariana’s and Geraldine’s flat…

Auralis (who is in Paris, at the moment) checking her negatives… we had 2 “devlop sessions” this week, at my place.

Auralis films, to shoot in paris… trix… 😉


Tea time 😉


I’m i sexy or what? 😉 shoot by the ugly auralis 😛


Portugal Fashion was this week… 😉


No, i’m not colorblind, i know the world is black and white…


So…. photos from my class…

Messing around with aperture….


Testing the “picado” angle =P


Fred @ f/1.8 😉

Peter, from South Africa, cool guy!


Peter… 18mm




Having a snack before classes… it was a cool afternoon 😉



And a last photo:


Me, reflexted in Peter lens =)


and that’s all for today…





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gosto do 6ª fotografia “Portugal Fashion was this week…” … tas com um ar engraçado 🙂

Comment by Daniela

Tou com cara de quem não tá a gostar muito do que tá a ver, lol. Mas nada bate a tua foto! Ficaste mesmo fashion!

Comment by Sofia Carvalho

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