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In peace with the world.
October 9, 2006, 3:17 am
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After a long phone conversation, up until 5a.m., with someone who i had unfinished issues with since 2 years from now, i can say:

I’m in peace with the world…

It was a very good conversation, we are not friends now, but at least, we are not enemies either. And i had the chance to say “sorry”. Coz I am, for everything.


I had a fantastic day, a really peacefull one… really calm one.

Damien Rice – the blower’s daughter… I had this song in my head all day.
Geraldine (Belgium) invited me to go to Serralves, we just had a walk in the garden, talking about nothing… just walking… whatever… it was good… really good…

Not from today, but from 3 days ago…

At the garden… during our walk…

Another one… 🙂

Fucking love this one… she was picking on me for i said that i loved the sound of her eating the cheastnuts… 😛

In other news…. :

So… 4 days, 4 diferent partys. 😀 Erasmus partys are amazing… Im exausted…

Some photos these crazy nights:

Claudio – Italia! Ci sta dentro!

David (Germany) – Kebab Time!

Fra – (italy) my worst student… hahahah 🙂

Italia is taking over Porto…

Joss – France (super piso =D)

Sandra (Germany) and Pala (Conchicina)…

Sandra talking to Joss...

And so it is, just like you said it would be, life goes easy on me, most of the time….

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Adoro foto do primeiro italiano! Excelente mesmo.

Ainda bem que te sentes em paz… Não é algo muito fácil de se alcançar.

Comment by Sofia Carvalho

It seems like all you do is attend Erasmus parties! 😀
Some really nice portraits here, yeah.

Comment by Suzan

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