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No, I’m not colorblind, I know the world is black and white…
September 28, 2006, 11:12 pm
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Ok, once again:

If you came here to see good photos, stop right now and open this link: http://miauzz.deviantart.com
That’s the place where i show my good photography work.

If you came here to see snap photos from a guy from portugal, snaps from his day-by-day life… you came to the right place 🙂

Listening to:

John Mayer’s new album: Continuum

I’m happy. Like… fucking happy 😀

One of my best friends, Pipa, lent me her camera for a few months.. 😀 and guess what… it’s a FUCKING Olympus OM-1!

But… going back some days, like i said in the last post, i went to the SMartini show, at Tendinha dos Clerigos. It was horrible. Really :X The good thing was that i met a friend who asked me to take her pictures… she said she loved my photos (she takes photos too), and my portraits, and she wanted me to take her photos… So, i have to confess that i’m lucky… I dont have the “i have to find a model” problem!… I have the “i need new ideias to shoot the people that ask me for their photos” problem 🙂

this was at the begining of the show… at the end i found myself in another situation that pulled my ego up: when i left the club, i saw a friend with a boy that i had never seen before. The first thing that my friend says to him when she saw me was: “oh, this is the guy who took photos to fisherspooner!”… The guy’s reaction was fantastic… something like “It was you?!? The photos are amazing!!” it made my night 🙂

So… today i was invited to pass by Pipa’s house to lunch and to pick up the FUCKING AMAZING Olympus OM-1… i arrived there at 5pm, and stayed till 8… very cool afternoon, we all had lunch (she had some friends at home, besides me), and then one of them brought me home… 🙂

So… no more bla bla bla… photos form today:

Apparently, today I had the tendency to capture everyone with a stupid face so please, do not form an opinion based on this photos…

Gustavo, Pipa and Sofia

Sofia was kind enough to bring me home =)



My cameras at the moment:

mind the quality…=\ Holga 120CF Zenit12xp, Canon 350d and Olympus OM-1

so… who need a girlfriend anyway?? Fuck them!!! I’have cameras, i have film and empty memory cards… Why in hell do i need a girlfriend? Sex? Sorry, i masturbate! A lot!

Too many fucks in this entry, dont you think? I don’t fucking care, i’m fucking happy!!

Over and out… i’m thinking about going to this new club in town, Pitch, in downtown, the one that was in all newspapers a few days ago… Pipa works there, so MAYBE…. i’ll have free drinks 😉


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“Why in hell do i need a girlfriend? Sex? Sorry, i masturbate! A lot!”

Quê, com as câmaras? ;P

Gosta das duas primeiras fotos, as expressões que apanhaste são mesmo fixes!

Comment by Sofia Carvalho

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