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If somebody calls today, it won’t be safe here any more
September 26, 2006, 11:10 pm
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Josh Rouse – Love Vibration
Josh Rouse – Nothing gives me pleasure

Josh rouse – Late night conversation (Title from this song)

Josh Rouse – A simple thing
Josh Rouse – Slaveship

First of all… just let me get something clear:

If you came here to see good photos, stop right now and open this link: http://miauzz.deviantart.com
That’s the place where i show my good photography work.

If you came here to see snap photos from a guy from portugal, snaps from his day-by-day life… you came to the right place 🙂

’twas a good day, today.. =)

Spent half the day with auralis, just walking around and taking photos, and the other half working…

Wanna see the photos?

There are no photos =D

And now you ask? “Why are you smiling?”

Coz that means that both me and Sofia, took our film cameras for a walk… =D

And then you ask… “But the only film camera you own is an Holga 120, right?”…

No 😀 Daniela lent me her camera till december 😀 so, i’ll shoot more film in the next months 😉

So… photos from this roll.. you’ll have to wait… just like me =)

But i’m still in love with Auralis’s 30D..


The two guys i hang out with the most… both look like they are having a good period in their lives… =) i’m happy with that… is good to be with happy people…

I’m waiting a text message from one of them to go see SMartini live… lets wait and see 🙂

So… today… that’s all =)


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😀 E visto que vamos ser nós a revelar os rolos, ainda vai demorar até elas aparecerem aqui…

A minha 30D é tão fotogénica! Ainda vou tirar um “retrato” dela em filme (embora isso possa parecer um bocado obsessão… Enfim!).

É sempre bom quando os nossos amigos estão felizes. 🙂

Comment by Sofia Carvalho

eu depois quero ver essas fotografias 🙂
…e um deles aposto que é o pala.. é giro ve-lo assim “coiso” :p

Comment by Daniela

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