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Music is my morning coffee
September 22, 2006, 12:02 pm
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Music is my morning coffee

This title came to my head this mornig while i was going to my part time job…

SoundTrack of today’s post:

We are Scientist – It’s a hit.

My life is kinda “parked” right now… Is stable… And i just dont like it… At least THIS kind of stable…
but… whatever…

Yestarday i went with a couple of friends to a Jazz bar, Hot Five… A fantastic place… but no one knows it… Just like all the good places in Porto…

ok… that it for today…

One last snap from my room…

Yeah… it a mess…

I shoud’ve known that this would happen from the start
This kind of function’s gonna have to fall apart
I guess before I would’ve sworn that we were friends
Maybe this problem points towards some larger trend

But I still don’t understand
What this whole thing’s about
And all the words that you said
Are somehow stuck in my mouth
And this was going so well
But I don’t know what I did
All I really can tell, is
I’ve been hit
I’ve been hit
I’ve been hit

We are Scientists- It’s a hit


Over and out…


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😮 Acho que o teu quarto ganhava um prémio… Caramba.

Não conheço o bar… Mas isso não é de admirar, não conheço assim muita coisa no Porto apesar de viver perto. 😐

Comment by Sofia Carvalho

damn dude, you live in a fuckin dumpster?

We can donate for a better place if that’s the problem.. 😛

Comment by fLiPadO

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