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My muse is gone.
September 12, 2006, 10:07 pm
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My muse is gone.

(Title inspired/post inspired in Bernhard Wolf’s photography with the same the same title. (see in the bottom for more information) )

She is gone.

(photo taken in the day we first kiss each other)
And i don’t know what “gone” means. I don’t know how long it will last.

The rest of the text was somehow cencured… dont ask, please.


Bernhard Wolf also known as zort @ deviantart, is a young photographer from Vienna, Austria. Although i dont do streetphotography (yet?), he is, since i discoverd him, a while ago, one of my references in photography.
I know nothing about Bernard’s private life. All that i know is what i read in his blog and what i see at his online-gallery, (www.zort.deviantart.com). I dont know if his muse is still gone, but i think not… I think she came back, based in what i see in his gallery.
Anyway, i’m almost sure that we may have a very similar concept of “muse”, influenced by Chris Weeks’s article “Quest of muse“.
And i sure know what I see in his photography “My muse is gone“.

End note: My english sucks… so what?


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painful indeed. eu n tenho musas, tb n sei bem ao q chamar a’ pessoa q amo e do qual posso ter inspiraçao, acho q apenas eu posso ser a musa dele. continuo a achara foto adoravel…
o amor e’ triste.

Comment by arisu

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