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September 11, 2006, 10:57 pm
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This are some snaps from last Thursday… I went to a concert at Palacio de Cristal… some guys from Romenia…

I really hated that day… i was really down, and the concert didn’t help at all… not because of the music, but because of… private things…

Anyway, i meet two german girls, they were doing an interrail over europe…

I begin to think that i have a fantasy about german girls… really :X

After the concert we went to ribeira… and we all get drunk… it was cool… i guess 😛

this was anna…

Let the “drunkenness” begin!

this is anna… again…

@ the concert, before i meet them…

This dog loved anna! i wonder why =P Anna didnt like dogs, but she loved this one…

Filipe, Mariana’s boyfriend

Drunk glasses for drunk people!

errr… yep… its anna… again… =P She was writing her email and her phone number…

The other german girl (i forgot her name :X), Mariana and Anna

I fucking LOVE this photo… in the background, focused, is “the other german girl” and the guy of the glasses… in the first plan, but not focused is anna and filipe… I dont know why i love this photo!

and that’s all for know…

My english sucks…


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