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No, I’m not colorblind, I know the world is black and white…
September 28, 2006, 11:12 pm
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Ok, once again:

If you came here to see good photos, stop right now and open this link: http://miauzz.deviantart.com
That’s the place where i show my good photography work.

If you came here to see snap photos from a guy from portugal, snaps from his day-by-day life… you came to the right place 🙂

Listening to:

John Mayer’s new album: Continuum

I’m happy. Like… fucking happy 😀

One of my best friends, Pipa, lent me her camera for a few months.. 😀 and guess what… it’s a FUCKING Olympus OM-1!

But… going back some days, like i said in the last post, i went to the SMartini show, at Tendinha dos Clerigos. It was horrible. Really :X The good thing was that i met a friend who asked me to take her pictures… she said she loved my photos (she takes photos too), and my portraits, and she wanted me to take her photos… So, i have to confess that i’m lucky… I dont have the “i have to find a model” problem!… I have the “i need new ideias to shoot the people that ask me for their photos” problem 🙂

this was at the begining of the show… at the end i found myself in another situation that pulled my ego up: when i left the club, i saw a friend with a boy that i had never seen before. The first thing that my friend says to him when she saw me was: “oh, this is the guy who took photos to fisherspooner!”… The guy’s reaction was fantastic… something like “It was you?!? The photos are amazing!!” it made my night 🙂

So… today i was invited to pass by Pipa’s house to lunch and to pick up the FUCKING AMAZING Olympus OM-1… i arrived there at 5pm, and stayed till 8… very cool afternoon, we all had lunch (she had some friends at home, besides me), and then one of them brought me home… 🙂

So… no more bla bla bla… photos form today:

Apparently, today I had the tendency to capture everyone with a stupid face so please, do not form an opinion based on this photos…

Gustavo, Pipa and Sofia

Sofia was kind enough to bring me home =)



My cameras at the moment:

mind the quality…=\ Holga 120CF Zenit12xp, Canon 350d and Olympus OM-1

so… who need a girlfriend anyway?? Fuck them!!! I’have cameras, i have film and empty memory cards… Why in hell do i need a girlfriend? Sex? Sorry, i masturbate! A lot!

Too many fucks in this entry, dont you think? I don’t fucking care, i’m fucking happy!!

Over and out… i’m thinking about going to this new club in town, Pitch, in downtown, the one that was in all newspapers a few days ago… Pipa works there, so MAYBE…. i’ll have free drinks 😉

If somebody calls today, it won’t be safe here any more
September 26, 2006, 11:10 pm
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Josh Rouse – Love Vibration
Josh Rouse – Nothing gives me pleasure

Josh rouse – Late night conversation (Title from this song)

Josh Rouse – A simple thing
Josh Rouse – Slaveship

First of all… just let me get something clear:

If you came here to see good photos, stop right now and open this link: http://miauzz.deviantart.com
That’s the place where i show my good photography work.

If you came here to see snap photos from a guy from portugal, snaps from his day-by-day life… you came to the right place 🙂

’twas a good day, today.. =)

Spent half the day with auralis, just walking around and taking photos, and the other half working…

Wanna see the photos?

There are no photos =D

And now you ask? “Why are you smiling?”

Coz that means that both me and Sofia, took our film cameras for a walk… =D

And then you ask… “But the only film camera you own is an Holga 120, right?”…

No 😀 Daniela lent me her camera till december 😀 so, i’ll shoot more film in the next months 😉

So… photos from this roll.. you’ll have to wait… just like me =)

But i’m still in love with Auralis’s 30D..


The two guys i hang out with the most… both look like they are having a good period in their lives… =) i’m happy with that… is good to be with happy people…

I’m waiting a text message from one of them to go see SMartini live… lets wait and see 🙂

So… today… that’s all =)

Music is my morning coffee
September 22, 2006, 12:02 pm
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Music is my morning coffee

This title came to my head this mornig while i was going to my part time job…

SoundTrack of today’s post:

We are Scientist – It’s a hit.

My life is kinda “parked” right now… Is stable… And i just dont like it… At least THIS kind of stable…
but… whatever…

Yestarday i went with a couple of friends to a Jazz bar, Hot Five… A fantastic place… but no one knows it… Just like all the good places in Porto…

ok… that it for today…

One last snap from my room…

Yeah… it a mess…

I shoud’ve known that this would happen from the start
This kind of function’s gonna have to fall apart
I guess before I would’ve sworn that we were friends
Maybe this problem points towards some larger trend

But I still don’t understand
What this whole thing’s about
And all the words that you said
Are somehow stuck in my mouth
And this was going so well
But I don’t know what I did
All I really can tell, is
I’ve been hit
I’ve been hit
I’ve been hit

We are Scientists- It’s a hit


Over and out…

“November Zé”
September 18, 2006, 10:22 pm
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So yes… all my photos are gone coz seems like i have exceded the bandwitch limits…

I’m using a new host from now on =D


This post is influenced by the guy that i’ve been listening lately – Jamie Cullum – and by the fact that i’m cleaning and re-organizing my room, finding old pictures, little notes and papers…

I will not talk to much…

Her name is Sarah, she’s from Germany, and studies psychology… Last year she was here, in portugal, for 10 months, in a special program called Erasmus…

She used to go to my ciber cafe, the place where i work part-time… one day i was visiting a museum (Serralves) and there she was.. we looked at each other,and i went to her and we started to talk…

What followed was close to what happens in novels…

We hung out a lot in November (hence the title, November was our best month together, and in her final note to me before she left, that’s what she called me… “November Zé”)) and December (when i say a lot, i say every fuckin day), and we had luch togheter almost every day … Then we started doing little tours aroun the country, so we both could get to know it.
There are many stories i could tell like… One night we had a snack in the beach, on the rocks near the sea, the tide rose so quickly that we almost got traped there… or when returning from Coimbra we almost had a car crash due to aquaplanning… or the liquor we bought together and promised to drink together but never got to do it… (i have the liquor in my freezer)

There are many, many stories… And many, many pictures…

(ps- almost all pictures are taken in film… she is like my “film muse”… =) )

Jamie Cullum – Photograph

“It’s just another story caught up in another photograph I found.
and it seems like another person lived that life a great many years ago from now…”

Mesão Frio (march/april 2006) (Trix 400 Kodak)

Somehere,march/april 2006 ((scratched scan of) Trix 400 Kodak)

Penedo Durão

Torre de Freixo de Espada à Cinta

Somehere in the road…

Digital… :X Piodão…

She’s gone now… and it feels strange she left with us being mad at each other… The day she was leaving we promised to meet in the morning to talk, so our last moment together wouldn’t be one as bad as that one. But I fell asleep, and when I woke up she was already on her way to the airport…

We havent speak since that day…
and that’s all for today… i miss her :X

My muse is gone.
September 12, 2006, 10:07 pm
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My muse is gone.

(Title inspired/post inspired in Bernhard Wolf’s photography with the same the same title. (see in the bottom for more information) )

She is gone.

(photo taken in the day we first kiss each other)
And i don’t know what “gone” means. I don’t know how long it will last.

The rest of the text was somehow cencured… dont ask, please.


Bernhard Wolf also known as zort @ deviantart, is a young photographer from Vienna, Austria. Although i dont do streetphotography (yet?), he is, since i discoverd him, a while ago, one of my references in photography.
I know nothing about Bernard’s private life. All that i know is what i read in his blog and what i see at his online-gallery, (www.zort.deviantart.com). I dont know if his muse is still gone, but i think not… I think she came back, based in what i see in his gallery.
Anyway, i’m almost sure that we may have a very similar concept of “muse”, influenced by Chris Weeks’s article “Quest of muse“.
And i sure know what I see in his photography “My muse is gone“.

End note: My english sucks… so what?

September 11, 2006, 10:57 pm
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This are some snaps from last Thursday… I went to a concert at Palacio de Cristal… some guys from Romenia…

I really hated that day… i was really down, and the concert didn’t help at all… not because of the music, but because of… private things…

Anyway, i meet two german girls, they were doing an interrail over europe…

I begin to think that i have a fantasy about german girls… really :X

After the concert we went to ribeira… and we all get drunk… it was cool… i guess 😛

this was anna…

Let the “drunkenness” begin!

this is anna… again…

@ the concert, before i meet them…

This dog loved anna! i wonder why =P Anna didnt like dogs, but she loved this one…

Filipe, Mariana’s boyfriend

Drunk glasses for drunk people!

errr… yep… its anna… again… =P She was writing her email and her phone number…

The other german girl (i forgot her name :X), Mariana and Anna

I fucking LOVE this photo… in the background, focused, is “the other german girl” and the guy of the glasses… in the first plan, but not focused is anna and filipe… I dont know why i love this photo!

and that’s all for know…

My english sucks…

September 7, 2006, 9:19 pm
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Yestarday seems so far away…

A few snapshots from yestarday night…

Dinner at guida’s place… Guida is the girlfriend of one of my best friends, Alex, a musician…

Not her best picture… sorry girl… she is a fantastic person…

Alex… 🙂

In the way home…

I dont know how to say “cone de sinalização de transito” in english… sorry

sorry for the short post…

But yestarday seems really far away…