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Double Exposure Project
August 6, 2006, 1:41 am
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Like i said in my journal (@ deviantArt), Sofia Carvalho and me are planning to explore something that we both find to be an interesting and “not-so-explored” double exposure world. 2 cameras, 2 different minds, 1 film. Nothing arranged. I take my photos, she takes her’s. But in the same film.

We hadnt decided yet which camera to use, but we are planning to use an Holga 120, or a 35mm camera… we’re not sure yet. Other thing that we hadn’t decided yet too is if and were to expose our works. I’m thinking of create here, at wordpress, a blog account, to this purpose. But… this is all in the beginning… 🙂

To see exemples of double exposure photography projects, check this gallery, at deviantArt: gonzoust

My next post will be about the last eramus party that i’ve been to… 🙂


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são blogs como este que conseguem que eu fique a pensar melhor dos blogs :p
anyway como eu ja te disse eu depois quero ver eses trabalhos 🙂 *bjo!

Comment by Daniela

o meu irmao tem um blog (:!

Comment by rita

Adicionei-te ao meu blogroll, espero que não te importes. 🙂 Belo começo para um blog!

Comment by auralis

ola ,maninho , gostei de ver !!! vais longe
um abraço do teu irmao


Comment by jean paul sousa

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